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Osaka Gas in agreement with Ebara and Ballard for joint research of PEFC

October 22, 2001
Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.

Osaka Gas has reached an agreement with Ebara Ballard, Ebara, and Ballard Generation Systems (BGS) to jointly research polymer electrolyte fuel cells (PEFC) for residential use.

According to the agreement, the companies will launch designing of a residential-use PEFC cogeneration system to be operated continuously by combining the cells developed by Ballard Power Systems and the high-efficiency fuel reformer developed by Osaka Gas. Ebara Ballard and BGS have already completed the testing of the reformer and verified its performance.

Osaka Gas, in order to accelerate the development of residential PEFC, is transferring its technologies of compact and high-efficiency reformers to some manufacturers.

Ebara Ballard developed a prototype of 1kW PEFC system in February 2001 and achieved the world's highest generation efficiency of 42%.

It is expected that the cooperation among these companies will result in the early development and commercialization of PEFC.

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