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New tariffs & Sumikata Plus

January 5, 2017
Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.

Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. has announced the launch of two new tariffs, “Gas-toku-plan motto-wari” and “Gas-toku-plan akinai-wari,” effective April 2017, when the full deregulation of the gas retail market takes effect. In the meantime, Osaka Gas will introduce new home services “Sumikata Plus,” following the existing home services “Sumikata Service” launched in April 2016.


1 New tariffs
(1) “Gas-toku-plan motto-wari” (mainly for residential customers)
  This tariff would be best for residential customers with a relatively large amounts of 
gas consumption on a standard rate and an eco-jozu rate. It also provides a 3% discount to

  customers who also have an electricity service contract with Osaka Gas and apply for the


  Annual discount with Gas-toku-plan motto-wari (comparison based on Osaka Gas standard rate 

  of gas, KEPCO meter rate lighting A of electricity)

Model case

gas consumption

Gas-toku-plan motto-wari

Gas-toku-plan motto-wari
(dual energy discount)
+ electricity of Osaka Gas


Approx. 3,400yen/year

Approx. 12,100yen/year

(2) “Gas-toku-plan Akinai-wari”(mainly for commercial customers)
  This tariff plan would be beneficial for commercial customers (restaurants, retail shops, 

  offices, etc.) with a relatively large amounts of gas consumption on a standard rate .

  Annual discount with Gas-toku-plan akinai-wari  (comparison based on Osakagas standard

  rate of gas , KEPCO meter rate lighting B of electricity)

Model case

gas consumption

Gas-toku-plan akinai-wari

Gas-toku-plan akinai-wari
+electricity of Osaka Gas


Approx. 19,000yen/year

Approx. 71,000yen/year


2. “Sumikata Plus” (home services offered to customers with a Gas-toku-plan contract)
   “Sumikata Plus” provides customers wth unlimited call outs for 
emergency repairs of
  gas appliances and air-conditioners and plumbing and subscription to
on-line recipes,
 health consultation and energy saving reports. This service is offered to customers with
  a Gas-toku-plan contract for a monthly fixed rate of 216 yen per month
effective April 2017,
  while “Sumikata Service” has been offered as a one off repair
service since April 2016, 
  on which we have received more than 10,000 calls since.

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