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August 20. 2019
LNG Production Starts at the Freeport LNG Project in Texas 205(KB)
July 30. 2019
Gas Resource Cost Adjustment for September 2019 Gas Rates 97(KB)
July 29. 2019
Osaka Gas Increases Upstream Presence with Agreement to Acquire Sabine Oil & Gas in Texas, USA 344(KB)
July 22. 2019
Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.: Investments and a Conclusion of Collaboration Agreement with AGP International Holdings Pte. Ltd., as Development of Natural Gas Infrastructure Proceeds 155(KB)
July 10. 2019
Cook Delicious Food with Less Time and Effort Our New Class S Built-in Stoves with New Functions Will Expand Your Cooking 512(KB)
July 08. 2019
Cooperation in the Carbon Offset Program at the 90th Intercity Baseball Tournament 92(KB)
July 03. 2019
Establishment of Solar Power Company in Thailand 281(KB)
June 27. 2019
Gas Resource Cost Adjustment for August 2019 Gas Rates 97(KB)
June 24. 2019
Establishing a Natural Gas Supply Company in Vietnam 327(KB)
June 20. 2019
Notice of Resolution at 201st Annual Meeting of Shareholders
May 31. 2019
Osaka Gas to Issue the 36th and 37th Series of Unsecured Straight Bonds of 20 Billion Yen Each (Domestic Bonds) 72(KB)
May 30. 2019
Environment Month Activities in the Daigas Group 56(KB)
May 30. 2019
Gas Resource Cost Adjustment for July 2019 Gas Rates 97(KB)
May 15. 2019
Osaka Gas Releases AVANCE Built-in Stove Equipped with Area Sensors, an Industry-First Technology 299(KB)
May 15. 2019
Osaka Gas to Start Service to Purchase Surplus Electricity Generated by Photovoltaic Systems (for customers whose feed-in tariff period for renewable energy will end) 70(KB)
April 26. 2019
Gas Resource Cost Adjustment for June 2019 Gas Rates 97(KB)
April 24. 2019
Operating Results for the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2019 (201st Term) 119(KB)
April 24. 2019
Osaka Gas Withdraws from Construction Plan for Nishiokinoyama Power Plant (provisional name) 57(KB)
March 28. 2019
Gas Resource Cost Adjustment for May 2019 Gas Rates 98(KB)
March 27. 2019
Osaka Gas Starts an IoT Service for Plants 60(KB)

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