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This website is jointly operated by Osaka Gas Co., Ltd., Osaka Gas Marketing Co., Ltd., and Daigas Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “each company” ).
Prior to using the site, users are requested to read the provisions laid down herein and use the site only if they agree to them.
Please note that the provisions laid down herein are subject to modification without notice.
Users are also requested to read the terms of use provided for each individual content prior to using the site.


  1. 1.Each company takes great care over the information posted on the site but does not guarantee the accuracy, usability, security, or any other aspect pertaining to the contents. All of the information provided is accurate at the time of posting, but the level of accuracy may differ from actuality over the course of time.
    Each company cannot be held liable in any way for the contents posted on the site. All responsibility that may arise from using the site shall be borne by the user.
  2. 2.All plans, forecasts, strategies, and other information not based on historical fact posted on the site represent forward-looking statements made based on the assessment of the management in accordance with currently available data. Please note that actual results may differ significantly from such forward-looking statements due to various factors. Factors that may affect actual results include economic trends in Japan, the yen-dollar exchange rate, and responses by Osaka Gas to rapid technological innovations and progress in deregulation.
  3. 3.Please note that the data and other contents posted on the site and the site composition are subject to modification, revision, or deletion without notice.


The copyright to all information posted on the site belongs to each company, the authors, or other rightful owners. With the exception of private use and when authorized by other copyright laws and regulations, the use of this information, including reproduction, modification, and distribution, without the prior consent of each company is prohibited.

Handling of Personal Information

Each company will appropriately handle and manage personal information based on its own privacy policy (Osaka Gas Privacy Policy, Osaka Gas Marketing Privacy Policy, or Daigas Energy Privacy Policy).


Information transmitted externally from a user’s device

By using this site, personal data (not including personal information)* will be automatically transmitted from a user’s devices to a third party (hereinafter referred to as “transmitted externally”).

With regard to personal data transmitted externally, Osaka Gas will use it to understand and analyze the access status and usage status of the site, to improve and enhance the content of the site based on such analyses, and to distribute advertisements outside the site and measure their effectiveness.

*What is personal data?
Personal data transmitted externally from this site includes the data related to the behavior and status of users as shown below.
For details, please check the “Transmitted information” for each service on the external services list posted in the following section [External services].
(Character string for uniquely identifying the browsing browser, IP address, browsing page URL, referrer (referrer URL), access date and time, user agent, etc.)

[External services]

External services to which personal data is transmitted are shown on the external services list as follows. Users can check how their personal data is used by each external service by reading the section “About this service” of each external service on the list or the privacy policy of each service.

Users who wish to deactivate (opt out) the use of their personal data by external services on their browser are requested to take necessary actions by clicking the opt out button displayed in the section for each service. (Users will need to opt out for each browser they use.)
*If users opt out of the use of their personal data by an (or some) external service(s), they may not be able to use some functions of this site.

Recommended Browsing Environment

The following environment is recommended for a better user experience.
Please note that the latest version of browsers and plug-in software may be required to view certain contents.

【Web Browser】

・Chrome(latest version)
・Edge(latest version)
・iPhone Safari(latest version)
・Android Chrome(latest version)

Encryption method (TLS)

This site uses the TLS encryption method to protect communications on screens, such as those that handle customer information.
Please use a browser that supports TLS1.2.

*Depending on the settings of a user’s device, some functions may not work properly even with a compatible OS or browser.
*Users are requested to contact the provider for any inquiries regarding their device, OS, or browser.

Applicable Law

Unless otherwise specified, the use of this site and the application of these stipulations are governed by the laws of Japan.