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Privacy Policy

Prior to using this website, osakagas.co.jp, which is operated by Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. (Osaka Gas), users are requested to read the provisions laid down herein and agree to all terms. Please note that the provisions laid down herein are subject to modification without notice.
Users are also requested to read the terms of use provided for each individual content prior to using the site.


  1. 1.Osaka Gas takes great care over the information posted on the site but does not guarantee the accuracy, usability, security, or any other aspect pertaining to the contents. All of the information provided is accurate at the time of posting, but the level of accuracy may differ from actuality over the course of time.
    Osaka Gas cannot be held liable in any way for the contents posted on the site. All responsibility that may arise from using the site shall be borne by the user.
  2. 2.All plans, forecasts, strategies, and other information not based on historical fact posted on the site represent forward-looking statements made based on the assessment of the management in accordance with currently available data. These statements are not guarantees of future performance and are subject to various factors such as economic trends in Japan, the yen-dollar exchange rate,responses by Osaka Gas to rapid technological innovations and deregulations, etc. Therefore, actual outcomes and results may differ considerably from such forward-looking statements.
  3. 3.Please note that the data and other contents posted on the site and the site composition are subject to modification, revision, or deletion without notice.


The copyright to all information posted on the site belongs to Osaka Gas, the authors, or other rightful owners. With the exception of private use and when authorized by other copyright laws and regulations, the use of this information, including reproduction, modification, and distribution, without the prior consent of Osaka Gas is prohibited.

Handling of Personal Information

Osaka Gas will handle and manage all private information in an appropriate manner based on the stipulations laid down in our Privacy Policy.


Collection of Access History Information

The website automatically collects and makes use of user access information from logs and other media via technologies such as cookies, web beacons, and IP addresses. The information collected is mainly used to keep track of access rates, to identify and solve problems in the server, and to further improve the management of the site and services provided.


Cookies are a widely-used form of technology for performing statistical analyses and similar operations, for identifying the computers used by users, and for retaining usage histories and data input.
This site uses cookies for analyzing site access, for improving usability, and for marketing purposes, which in some cases may use Osaka Gas user information.
The recorded information excludes those that can be used to identify users, such as user names, addresses, telephone numbers, and credit card information. The use of cookies also has no adverse effect on the computers of users.
Users may reject the use of cookies by changing their browser settings, although certain functions on the site may not be available as a result.

Advertising Based on Past Access Information

The main advertising services used by Osaka Gas operate in the following manner.
The advertising services appropriately distribute ads to a variety of sites based on past access information to the site and user information obtained through the use of cookies stored on the user’s device.
Cookies and other information acquired through the advertising services are handled in accordance with the privacy policy of each respective advertising service. Users who wish to opt out of advertising are requested to perform the procedure from the following websites.
(Users may also opt out of the advertising services on the DDAI, Data Driven Advertising Initiative, page.)

Recommended Browsing Environment

The following environment is recommended for a better user experience.
Please note that the latest version of browsers and plug-in software may be required to view certain contents.

【Web Browser】

・Edge(latest version)
・iPhone Safari(latest version)
・Android Chrome(latest version)

Applicable Law

Unless otherwise specified, the use of this site and the application of these stipulations are governed by the laws of Japan.