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December 26. 2019
Gas Resource Cost Adjustment for February 2020 Gas Rates 115(KB)
December 16. 2019
Notice on the Acquisition of All Shares in JGC Mirai Solar Co., Ltd. 96(KB)
December 11. 2019
Osaka Gas to Participate in Household Energy Supply Business in UK 161(KB)
December 10. 2019
CPV Fairview starts commercial operation 331(KB)
December 10. 2019
Start of Commercial Operation at the Freeport LNG Project in Texas 256(KB)
December 09. 2019
Osaka Gas Concludes Agreement with Sakai City Fire Bureau on Collaboration in Fire Prevention Awareness-Raising 273(KB)
December 06. 2019
Osaka Gas Announces Its Decision of Terms and Conditions of the Publicly Offered Hybrid Corporate Bonds (Subordinated Corporate Bonds) 41(KB)
November 29. 2019
Osaka Gas Launches its Second With Plan, “With Yoshimoto Plan,” a Highly Entertaining Electricity Rate Plan, and Starts Accepting Applications 89(KB)
November 28. 2019
Gas Resource Cost Adjustment for January 2020 Gas Rates 116(KB)
November 18. 2019
Efficiency Improvement Project at Cogeneration Facility in Thailand Selected for Financing Programme Based on Joint Crediting Mechanism 158(KB)
November 01. 2019
Osaka Gas Announces Its Decision to Issue Publicly Offered Hybrid Corporate Bonds(Publicly Offered Subordinated Corporate Bonds) 44(KB)
October 30. 2019
Gas Resource Cost Adjustment for December 2019 Gas Rates 99(KB)
October 29. 2019
Operating Results for the Second Quarter of the Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 2020 (202nd Term) 140(KB)
October 03. 2019
First Exhibition at CEATEC 2019 - Future Living in 2030 Pictured by Daigas Group - 873(KB)
September 27. 2019
Gas Resource Cost Adjustment for November 2019 Gas Rates 100(KB)
September 26. 2019
Establishment of New Affiliates in the Energy Sector and Restructuring of Osaka Gas: Striving for Speedier Customer-Oriented Business Operations 123(KB)
September 26. 2019
Investment Decision on the Power Generation Business in Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture 150(KB)
September 19. 2019
Osaka Gas establishes new electricity service menus, With Plans, to help customers lead more enjoyable and active lives, and starts accepting new customers for With radiko Plan 143(KB)
September 18. 2019
LNG Bunkering Trial for the LNG-fueled Tugboat Ishin at Kobe Port 850(KB)
September 17. 2019
Osaka Gas selected for the DJSI World Index for the second consecutive year 127(KB)

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