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May 27. 2022
Notice of 204th Annual Meeting of Shareholders
June 17. 2022
Osaka Gas Australia to Join Study with Partners on Green Energy Hub in Australia to Produce, Supply and Export Green Hydrogen and Synthetic Methane 133(KB)
June 15. 2022
Osaka Gas and West Japan Railway Company Collaborate on Weather Forecasting and Data Science A High-Precision Strong Wind Prediction System Was Introduced on the Kosei Line on a Trial Basis 150(KB)
June 09. 2022
Acquisition of interest in Australian Integrated Carbon Pty Ltd ~ Contributing to the reduction of CO2 through regeneration project~ 375(KB)
June 07. 2022
Osaka Gas Invests in Brave group, a Company That Conducts Business in the Field of Metaverse —Aiming to Expand Communication and Develop New Businesses— 193(KB)
June 06. 2022
Osaka Gas to Collaborate with Shell in Developing Decarbonization Solutions Including Methanation, Hydrogen and CCUS (KB)
June 01. 2022
Daigas Group to participate in a new project of umbrella-sharing service, aiming at a society without disposable umbrellas 216(KB)
May 30. 2022
Osaka Gas Wins the 2021 KCS Award in Environmental Technology for the Development and Verification Tests of SPACECOOL,R a Radiative sky Cooling Material That Cools with Zero Energy 318(KB)
May 30. 2022
Osaka Gas Implements Additional Special Measures Related to Gas and Electricity Fees, Etc. in Response to the Spread of the New Coronavirus (27th Report) 381(KB)
May 30. 2022
Osaka Gas to Start a Virtual Power Plant Demonstration Project Using Household Use Fuel Cells, ENE-FARM Type S —Joining the Demonstration Project to Establish Next-generation Technologies Using Distributed Energy Resources— 232(KB)
May 27. 2022
Notice Regarding Issuance of the 44th Unsecured Corporate Bonds (Transition Bonds), the 45th Unsecured Corporate Bonds and the 46th Unsecured Corporate Bonds (Domestic Straight Bonds) 186(KB)
May 27. 2022
Gas Resource Cost Adjustment for July 2022 Gas Rates 279(KB)
May 23. 2022
Conclusion of an agreement between Osaka Gas and JPN ENERGY Integrated System on joint development and ownership of photovoltaic power plants 82(KB)
May 11. 2022
Osaka Gas USA to jointly Develop with Oriden Utility-Scale Solar Projects in the US 261(KB)
April 27. 2022
Osaka Gas Implements Additional Special Measures Related to Gas and Electricity Fees, Etc. in Response to the Spread of the New Coronavirus (26th Report) 148(KB)
April 27. 2022
Gas Resource Cost Adjustment for June 2022 Gas 188(KB)
April 27. 2022
Hydrogen Supply Chain Demonstration Project of Methanation Utilizing Renewable Hydrogen and Food Waste Biogas in Urban Areas 223(KB)
April 26. 2022
Commencement of Consideration: Development of a Complex on the West Side of the Osaka Gas Building and Renovation of the Osaka Gas Building 227(KB)
April 26. 2022
Goto Floating Wind Farm LLC Consortium Awarded Japan’s First Public Offering Plan Certification for Marine Renewable Energy Power Generation Facility Maintenance Promotion Area Offshore Goto City, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan - Towards Realization of Floating Offshore Wind Power Generator - 262(KB)
April 26. 2022
Operating Results for the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2022 (204th Term) 188(KB)
April 26. 2022
Capital and Business Alliance between West Holdings and Osaka Gas --Partnership to Boost Their Electricity Business Centered on Solar Power Generation-- 905(KB)

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