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Daigas Group Medium-Term Management Plan 2026 - Connecting Ambitious Dreams -

March 07. 2024

Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. (Osaka Gas) today announced the Daigas Group Medium-Term Management Plan 2026: Connecting Ambitious Dreams (Plan 2026), which covers the three-year period from FY2025.3 to FY2027.3.

In response to growing instability in energy security and intensifying natural disasters caused by climate change, the Daigas Group aims to secure peace of mind today and build sustainable lifestyles for tomorrow under Plan 2026. The Group intends to achieve this goal by ensuring a stable energy supply and reducing carbon emissions during the energy transition while evolving the Group’s business foundation and contributing to establishing a sustainable society for a carbon neutral future.

1.Overview of Plan 2026

Since the announcement of the previous Medium-Term Management Plan, the Group has been facing new changes in the business environment. There has been a pressing need to resolve social issues due to the global-scale acceleration of decarbonization and increased risks to energy security. At the same time, society has started to suffer from a shortage of human resources, and people’s mindsets on how they want to work have been significantly diversified.

Under Plan 2026, this FY2025.3-2027.3 term will be a period of “Connecting Ambitious Dreams.” During these three years, the Group aims to connect bridges to its future by building a foundation to accelerate its carbon neutrality (CN) initiatives for the 2030 targets while contributing to the energy transition and fulfilling its responsibility of a stable energy supply.

In Plan 2026, the Group shares its aspiration for the future, which is to “secure peace of mind today, build sustainable lifestyles for tomorrow.” The Group pursues this aspiration to demonstrate its integrity in these uncertain times.

The Group has also set the Three Commitments as a key strategy in Plan 2026. First is to “co-create value for a sustainable future," which is to contribute to resolving social issues utilizing natural gas and CN. Second is to “support employees to shine in their roles" by creating a corporate culture that encourages diverse talent to collaborate. Third is to “evolve the business foundation” that focuses on asset-light management. Through these initiatives, the Group aims to become a corporate group with which stakeholders can strongly identify.

2.Management indicators

Management indicators

Daigas Group Medium-Term Management Plan 2026 - Connecting Ambitious Dreams - (8,445KB)

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