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Osaka Gas publishes its annual environmental report

July 30, 2001
Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.

Osaka Gas published today its Annual Environmental Report (2001 edition). It is the company's eighth report since its initial publication in 1994.

The company established its Environmental Principles in January 1992. To put the principles into practice, Osaka Gas formulated the company-wide Environmental Action Guidelines. Furthermore, the company's long-term environmental goal towards 2010 was established in June 2000. The annual environmental report is a review of the company's initiatives taken during the past year. The report (currently available only in Japanese) features the following points;

1.Achievement of the 10 initiatives out of 12 in the fields of energy conservation and materials recycling one year in advance

2.A review of environmental actions taken during the past year, including certification of ISO 14001 and reduction of waste materials

3.A review of the company's environmental accounting

The English version of the report is being prepared and will become available shortly.

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