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Sale of Kiccory Stocks

March 12, 2002
Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.

On March 12, 2002, OG Capital Co., Ltd. (President: Makoto Ogasahara), a subsidiary of Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. (President: Akio Nomura), concluded an agreement with KOMERI Co., Ltd. to sell all stocks of Kiccory Co., Ltd. (President: Toru Yagi), a subsidiary of OG Capital Co. Ltd., to KOMERI Co., Ltd. (President: Kenichi Sasage). Kiccory operates home improvement centers.

- Number and value of stocks to be transferred, and change in shareholdings after the transfer
(1) Stocks owned by OG Capital Co., Ltd. before the transfer: all outstanding stocks
(2) Stocks to be transferred: all stocks
(3) Stocks owned by OG Capital Co. Ltd. after the transfer: no stock

-Future prospects
There is no change in the forecast of consolidated operational results of Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.

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