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Osaka Gas to conduct a feasibility study on a major power generation plant

May 20, 2002
Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.

Osaka Gas announced today its plan of conducting a feasibility study on a major power generation plant. The company's Senboku Terminals have been chosen as candidate sites for a plant with the planned generation capacity of about 1GW. The facility, a combined-cycle turbine generation plant fueled by natural gas, is expected to become operational in fiscal 2008. Specific details of the plan would be worked out together with environmental impact assessment and other administrative and legal matters with related parties including the local authorities and the communities.
Within the business strategies of the Osaka Gas Group, electricity business has been positioned as the third key business field following the natural gas and LPG businesses. Osaka Gas has already entered the power market through its two subsidiaries. ENNET, a joint venture with NTT Facilities and Tokyo Gas, started power retailing in April 2001. Gas & Power commenced its power wholesaling to Kansai Electric Power through its 150MW IPP plant this past April. Additionally, Osaka Gas intends to utilize its self-generation power facilities being planned at Senboku and Himeji LNG Terminals, each with 18MW and 50MW capacities, respectively. The excess power from these two plants is to be marketed through subsidiaries.

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