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Investment Decision on Senboku Power Plant

December 2, 2004
Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.

Osaka Gas has made a final investment decision for construction of a gas-fired power plant at its Senboku LNG Terminals. Based on the feasibility study the company had conducted since May 2002, the project scheme has been defined with details including the generation capacity and the commercial operation date.

There has been a modification in the project plan since the environmental assessment application was submitted in December 2002.

In parallel with the environmental assessment procedure on the current project scheme, the company will make further investigation into such details as system specifications and electricity marketing.

<Outline of the Senboku Power Generation Project>
1) Type of Plant: combined cycle gas turbine
2) Capacity: 1200 MW (300MW x 4 units)
3) Fuel: natural gas
4) Location: Senboku LNG Terminal I   Senboku LNG Terminal II
5) Commercial Operation Date: April 2009

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