インドでヤシ殻活性炭づくり!?/ A Daigas Group company is making activated carbon from coconut shells in India!

インドでヤシ殻活性炭づくり!?/ A Daigas Group company is making activated carbon from coconut shells in India!


2014年には、活性炭事業の大手であるJacobi Carbons(ジャコビ カーボンズ)がDaigasグループへ仲間入りし、大阪ガスケミカルとあわせて世界第2位の事業規模となりました。Jacobi Carbonsは、インドのタミル・ナードゥ州に2つの工場を持ち、そこでは約550人の社員が、主にヤシ殻活性炭を製造しています。


「Jacobi CarbonsがDaigasグループに加わったとき、新たに全社員の安全向上に取り組みました。導入するにあたっては、単に方針を押し付けるのではなく、特色やメリットなどを十分に説明することで、メンバー各自が使命感を持って事業に取り組めるようにしました。このようなやり方は“人への信頼”が特徴のJacobiの社風にも通じるもので、Daigasグループに加われたことをうれしく思っています」と、笑顔で応えてくれました。


Osaka Gas used to effectively utilize remnant by-products of gas production from coal to manufacture carbon materials and other products for many applications. Osaka Gas’s coal chemical technology has been taken over by the Osaka Gas Chemicals Group, which has greatly expanded its coal chemical business to encompass activated carbon, optical and electronic materials, protective coating materials for wood, and inorganic particles.

In 2014, Jacobi Carbons, a major activated carbon manufacturer, joined the Daigas Group, placing the Group’s entire carbon material business―conducted by Jacobi Carbons and Osaka Gas Chemicals―second in the world in terms of scale. Jacobi Carbons has two plants in Tamil Nadu, India, where about 550 staff are working mainly to produce activated carbon from coconut shells.

Since the two plants began to operate, Mr. Antony Thomas. A has led them as a management expert. He exercises strong leadership in improving plant operations quickly while incorporating Japanese-style methods that he has learned from Osaka Gas Chemicals. Japanese staff members working with him place their total trust on him.

He most values the guiding principle of “Wholeheartedness and sense of mission” in performing his duties.
Taking an example from his experience of taking up the new challenge of enhancing the safety of all employees when Jacobi Carbons joined the Daigas Group, he says that, when a new strategy or practice is introduced, he and his colleagues have always striven to take the new strategy or practice to heart, rather than simply imposing it. He continues that, in all the new initiatives, they have always been asked to visualize the end result first, which helps them understand the sense of mission and put their best heartfelt efforts into their work. He believes that this way of engaging people shares the same foundation as Jacobi Carbon’s culture of trusting in people. He states with a beaming smile: “I feel overwhelmed with joy to be a part of the wonderful Jacobi Family and most importantly of the Daigas Group.”

Osaka Gas Report will continue to feature the business activities of Daigas Group companies in a wide range of fields not only in the Kansai region but also around Japan and around the world. See you in the next report!

ジャコビ カーボンズ / Jacobi Carbons

トーマスさん家族とジャコビ カーボンズの様子


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