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June 07. 2024
Annoucement Regarding Status of Share Repurchase 135(KB)
May 30. 2024
Signed a Joint Demonstration Contract with GS Yuasa using a new type of PCS combined storage battery system 120(KB)
May 27. 2024
Notice of 206th Annual Meeting of Shareholders (the “Electronic Provision Measures Matters”)
May 24. 2024
Notice Regarding Issuance of the 53rd Unsecured Corporate Bonds (Transition-linked Bonds), the 54th Unsecured Corporate Bonds and the 55th Unsecured Corporate Bonds 78(KB)
May 17. 2024
Completion Ceremony Held for Methanation Demonstration Facility at Maishima Plant 345(KB)
May 08. 2024
Operating Results for the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2024 (206th Term) 223(KB)
May 08. 2024
Announcement on resolution regarding share repurchase 108(KB)
May 08. 2024
Announcement on the year-end dividend for FY2024.3 113(KB)
May 08. 2024
Issuance of Transition-Linked Bonds, the First by a City Gas Company 160(KB)
April 26. 2024
Successful Bid of Long-Term Decarbonized Power Source Auction for Power Generation Project in Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture 353(KB)
April 22. 2024
Revision of the financial forecasts for FY2024.3 137(KB)
April 10. 2024
Sold a Total of 200,000 Units of the Ene-Farm Fuel Cell System for Residential Use 573(KB)
April 08. 2024
Osaka Gas, Sumitomo, and JOIN to Invest in Expanding City Gas Distribution Business in India 467(KB)
March 29. 2024
Initiatives by Osaka Gas and Prologis to Help Boost the Installation of Rooftop Solar Power Plants -Signing an Agreement for Electricity Purchase from FIP Power Plants- 546(KB)
March 28. 2024
Commencement of Joint Study on CCUS to Achieve Carbon Neutrality in the Cement Manufacturing Process 456(KB)
March 19. 2024
Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. and 7 large international companies join forces to sponsor the creation of a global e-NG coalition (KB)
March 07. 2024
Daigas Group Medium-Term Management Plan 2026 - Connecting Ambitious Dreams -
March 07. 2024
Daigas Group Business Plan for FY2025.3 126(KB)
March 07. 2024
Notice of revision of the year-end dividend forecast for FY2024.3 and announcement of the annual dividend forecast for FY2025.3 112(KB)
March 07. 2024
Announcement Concerning the Transition to a Company with an Audit and Supervisory Committee and Partial Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation 143(KB)
March 07. 2024
Notice Concerning Cancellation of Own Shares 112(KB)
March 01. 2024
Changes to Electricity Supply Provisions, etc. 191(KB)
February 29. 2024
Notice Concerning Status and Completion of Repurchase of Own Shares 128(KB)
February 27. 2024
Daigas Group Integrated Report selected as an “Excellent Integrated Report” by GPIF’s external asset managers 22(KB)
February 06. 2024
Notice Concerning Status of Repurchase of Own Shares 120(KB)
January 31. 2024
Acquisition of Shares in SEI CORPORATION by KRI, Inc.― Aiming to Expand Contract Research and Development Business Related to Storage Batteries 281(KB)
January 30. 2024
Operating Results for the Third Quarter of the Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 2024 (206th Term) 228(KB)
January 23. 2024
Tokyo Gas and Osaka Gas join Masdar and INPEX in a feasibility study to produce e-methane in Abu Dhabi, UAE 96(KB)
January 10. 2024
Notice Concerning Status of Repurchase of Own Shares 128(KB)

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