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April 28. 2020
Gas Resource Cost Adjustment for June 2020 Gas Rates 127(KB)
April 24. 2020
Osaka Gas Invests in HACARUS INC., a Venture Company with Superb AI Technologies Including Image Analysis 132(KB)
April 20. 2020
Osaka Gas Invests in Japan Infra Waymark, Which Offers Infrastructure Inspection Solutions Using Drones 79(KB)
April 02. 2020
Osaka Gas to Partner with NTT Com to Launch an AI-automated Voice Response Service at Its Contact Center 74(KB)
April 01. 2020
Ohgishima City Gas Supply, Ltd. Begins Commercial Operation of City Gas Production and Supply Facility 315(KB)
March 27. 2020
Gas Resource Cost Adjustment for May 2020 Gas Rates 108(KB)
March 26. 2020
Conclusion of “Agreement on Coordination and Cooperation in the Event of a Large-scale Wide-area Disaster” with the Union of Kansai Governments 94(KB)
March 25. 2020
Osaka Gas and Sekisui House to Start New Living Experiment at 3-Battery House ~ Demonstration Experiment Anticipating a Society Whose Main Power Source is Renewable Energy ~ 318(KB)
March 24. 2020
Conclusion of an Agreement on Safety and Security through Public-Private Partnership with Osaka Prefectural Police Headquarters 68(KB)
March 19. 2020
Osaka Gas Implements Special Measures Related to Gas and Electricity Fees, Etc. in Response to the Spread of Infection of the New Coronavirus 71(KB)
March 12. 2020
Business Plan for FY2021.3 of Daigas Group
March 12. 2020
Osaka Gas USA to invest in US solar project developer, SolAmerica Energy 119(KB)
March 09. 2020
Agreement to Cooperate on Offshore Wind Power Generation 88(KB)
February 27. 2020
Gas Resource Cost Adjustment for April 2020 Gas Rates 110(KB)
February 25. 2020
Osaka Gas to Release a New Product of ENE-FARM Type S, Household Fuel Cells Characterized by the Highest Power Generation Efficiency in the World and Improved Installation due to Significant Downsizing 232(KB)
February 04. 2020
Three Gas Companies Jointly Develop GHP XAIR III, Latest Models of Gas-powered Air Conditioning System that Saves Energy and Power—New type of Gas Engine-driven Heat Pump (GHP) with Further Improved Performance and Functions— 306(KB)
January 30. 2020
Operating Results for the Third Quarter of the Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 2020 (202nd Term) 84(KB)
January 30. 2020
Gas Resource Cost Adjustment for March 2020 Gas Rates 128(KB)
January 30. 2020
Transfer of Osaka Gas’s Electricity Sales Business in the Greater Tokyo Area to CD Energy Direct 67(KB)

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