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Osaka Gas Group publishes 2007 CSR Report

October 18. 2007

Osaka Gas published today its 2007 CSR Report. Encompassing the entire group of Osaka Gas and its affiliated companies, the report reviews the group's activities during the past year from the viewpoints of corporate social responsibilities and sustainability. The report, in its 14 consecutive year of publication, expands on the previous reports on environment-related activities of Osaka Gas.

Feature of the 2007 report
1. Composition of the report - 5 items of the Osaka Gas Group CSR Charter
  Charter Item 1: Creating value for customers
Charter Item 2: Contributing to harmonizing with environment and to realizing a sustainable society
Charter Item 3: Being a good corporate citizen contributing to society
Charter Item 4: Strengthening compliance and respecting human rights
Charter Item 5: Management policy for achieving growth of employees
2. Feature articles on actions focused on global warming and safety
  As part of the initiatives of the Osaka Gas Group, the report features articles focused on global warming and safety. For the former topic, detailed actions of the group are described to contribute to addressing the issues related to the global warming through natural gas. In the area of safety, the report details the group-wide initiative to enhance safety in every phase of energy supply, from production and distribution to utilization.
3. The third party review
  Prior to its publication, the report went through a third-party review the result of which is included in the report.
4. Complying with reporting guidelines
  The report complies with the Environmental Reporting Guideline of the Ministry of Environment of Japan (2007). Also, in editing of the report, we referred to the Sustainability Reporting Guidelines 2006 of Global Reporting Initiative.

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