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Osaka Gas, Marubeni and APA to participate in AGL development of Hallett 4 wind farm project, South Australia

October 01. 2009

Today, a consortium of  Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. ( “Osaka Gas”), Marubeni Corporation ( “Marubeni”) and APA Group (“APA”) purchased 100% of the shares in Brown Hill North Pty Ltd, project company of the Hallett 4 wind farm project (“Hallett 4”) which is currently being developed by the major Australian energy company, AGL Energy Limited (“AGL”). Within the consortium, Osaka Gas and Marubeni will each hold 39.9% and APA will hold 20.2% of the shares in the project.

The Osaka Gas/Marubeni/ APA consortium, first partnering in December 2008 for the joint acquisition of the Energy Infrastructure Investments (“EII”) assets, have been looking for further opportunities to expand their business portfolio in Australia. As part of this policy, the consortium is happy to announce that it will now be partnering in the Hallett 4 project with AGL, who has one of Australia’s largest customer base in gas and electricity retail. This project will be the first renewable energy generation project in Australia for the consortium partners.

Hallett 4 is currently in the initial stages of construction, and at completion will have a wind-generated capacity of 132.3MW consisting of 63 x 2.1MW wind turbines. It is scheduled to commence commercial operation in June 2011, at which time AGL will continue its participation in the project as the 25-year long-term offtaker, ensuring stable revenue flow to the project. The Australian government has a policy to promote renewable energy, and the Hallett 4 project will be one more contribution to this official policy.

Marubeni, Osaka Gas and APA are committed to fulfilling this project, as they aspire to further expand their business portfolio in Australia and contribute to the development of the Australian energy industry.

Outline of the Hallett 4 Wind Power Project
Project Location: Hallett, South Australia  
Output : 132.3MW (63 x 2.1MW)
Wind Turbine Type: Suzlon S88V3 (Product of India)
Construction Commenced: February 2009
Scheduled Start of Commercial Operation: June 2011
EPC Contractor : Suzlon Energy Australia Pty Ltd
(Subsidiary of Suzlon Energy A/S)

Company Profile
Name: Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.
Headquarter: 4-1-2 Hiranomachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka JAPAN
President and CEO: Hiroshi Ozaki
Capital: 132 billion yen
Founded: April 1897
Business Outline: Production and distribution of gas; generation and distribution of power; etc.
Sales: 1.3 trillion yen (as of March 2009)
Name: Marubeni Corporation
Headquarter: 1-4-2 Ohtemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo JAPAN
President and CEO: Teruo Asada
Capital: 262 billion yen
Founded: December 1949
Business Outline: General trading company
Sales: 10.5 trillion yen (as of March 2009)
Name: APA Group (ASX Listed)
Headquarter: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Founded: 2000
Business Outline: Natural gas infrastructure owner and operator – gas transmission pipelines and distribution networks, asset management and investmnets in energy infrastructure.
Name: AGL Energy Ltd. (ASX Listed)
Headquarter: North Sydney, NSW, Australia
Founded: 1837
Business Outline: Gas and electricity retail and generation, development

Osaka Gas Co., Ltd
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Marubeni Corporation
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