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Renewal of CSR website and publication of CSR Report 2008

October 29. 2008

1. New website

Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. has renewed its website on CSR. Encompassing the entire Osaka Gas Group, the website reviews the activities of Osaka Gas and its affiliates during the past year from the view points of corporate social responsibilities and sustainability

The new website has been designed in accordance with the Osaka Gas Group CSR Charter established in April 2006. Against the backdrop of increasing public attention on social responsibilities of corporate enterprises, we have included new contents for our stakeholders.

2. CSR Report 2008

Osaka Gas Group CSR Report 2008 is the 15th consecutive publication evolved from the former report on the environmental activities of Osaka Gas. Being designed to meet the needs of our stakeholders, the report is available on the CSR website of Osaka Gas. Available both in full (English) and in digest (Japanese only) formats, it can be electronically downloaded. The features of the report include the following;

(1) Focus on efforts to regain public trust
  Bearing the lessons from misconducts in our mind, we focused on the consequence of the issues as well as our efforts to prevent recurrence and to regain public trust.
(2) Feature on measures to prevent global warming
  The report highlights the measures to prevent global warming, which includes the engagement for sustainable future, such as R&D for advanced technology utilizing natural gas.
(3) Scope of coverage – the entire Osaka Gas Group
  Activities of our affiliates in various segments are introduced.
(4) Major CSR activities in FY2008 and achievements
a. Environmental conservation effort aimed at the achievement of the Medium-term Targets for FY2009
  - Environmental Management Indicators*
Reduced to?154 ( 9 reduction) /1,000 m3 and achieved the Target ( 190 /1,000 m3.)
* Monetary value of environmental impact per gas sales:  /1,000 m3
b. Reducing CO2 emission at customers
  - Reduced CO2 emission compared to FY1999 reached some 2.17 million t-CO2 as a result of further dissemination of high-efficiency gas equipment.
c. Recycling of excavated soil*
  - The amount of final disposal of excavated soil reduced to 35,000 t (reduced by 5,000 t), while the recycling rate achieved 84% (2% increase compared to the previous year.)
* Road waste, such as soil and asphalt, generated at the pipe installation site
d. Status of EMSs*1 implementation in of the Osaka Gas Group in FY2008
  - The integrated EMS covered the entire Osaka Gas where previously 7 EMSs were put into effect, and 22 affiliated companies accredited the certifications including ISO14001 and OGEMS*2.
*1 EMS (Environmental Management System): The management system of planning and implementation of measures for environmental conservation and contamination prevention.
- Examples of EMS include the ISO14001, which is the international standard, as well as others established by the Ministry of Environment and other municipal organizations.
*2 OGEMS: Environmental management system originally developed by Osaka Gas aiming for implementing in its affiliates.
e. Enhancement of communications with communities
  - We offered over 410 times of the school visit by employees and retired employees for providing classes on energy and global environment issues. This program was commended by the Japan Productivity Center for Socio-Economic Development.

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