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Osaka Gas starts energy service business in Thailand

December 24. 2013

Osaka Gas Co., Ltd., ("Osaka Gas"), to start energy service business in industrial markets in Thailand from January 2014. This energy services business will promote by the new company OSAKA GAS (THAILAND) CO., LTD. ("OGT"), which Osaka Gas has established in Thailand at October 2013.

OGT's new energy service in Thailand will enable customers to introduce natural gas facilities, such as boilers or furnaces, without any initial investment since OGT will own the facilities and provide energy, in the form of steam or heat, to customers. Then, customers simply pay the fees that correspond to the amount of energy used.

With its expertise to design the optimal natural gas facilities and to operate them at high efficiency, OGT will achieve the energy conservation at the customers’ site. OGT also provides one-stop service for the management and maintenance of energy use after the installation of facilities.

The energy service business in Thailand becomes the second of Osaka Gas's business deployment in Southeast Asia, following the natural gas retail business in Singapore which has already started operations. According to the company's policy of the long-term management visions "Field of Dreams 2020," Osaka Gas will expand business centering in Southeast Asia based on its energy solution know-how in the future.

Profile of the new company

- Address: Bangkok, Kingdom of Thailand
- Established: October 2013
- Capital: 10 million Thai Baht (approx. ¥30 million)
- Number of Employees: 6
- Shareholders: Osaka Gas Singapore Pte. Ltd.*: 49%
SBCS Co., Ltd.: 19%
MHCB Consulting (Thailand) Co., Ltd.: 10%
Bangkok BTMU Limited: 10%
- Description of business: Fuel conversion energy service to industrial customers in Thailand, execution of energy-related business, and execution of various associated surveys, development, investment, etc.
*Osaka Gas's 100%-owned holding company in Singapore

About Osaka Gas
Incorporated in Japan in 1897, Osaka Gas (TOKYO: 9532) is a leading energy supplier with its core natural gas supply business serving 7 million customers in Japan’s Kansai region. With its portfolio of diversified energy businesses, Osaka Gas is developing into a multi-energy services provider of natural gas, electricity, LPG, district heating/cooling, and other services. Through its affiliate enterprises, the Osaka Gas Group is also active in various non-energy business fields.

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