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Selection Process

Application for Supplier Registration

Prospective suppliers must first apply via an inquiry form to be registered with the Purchasing Department at Osaka Gas headquarters in Japan. Osaka Gas representative offices in the US, UK and Australia are not directly involved in purchasing activities.

Documentation submitted with the application is acceptable in any format, but should include sufficient information to evaluate the supplier's qualifications, such as financial standing; supply, facility and technological capabilities; and maintenance and service systems. Documentation should include information required to evaluate the suitability of products or services, including performance, reliability, safety, price, delivery and compatibility with the existing facilities of Osaka Gas.

Applicants should highlight the advantages of their products and services with regard to the Osaka Gas CSR-based Purchasing Guidelines and Green Purchasing Guidelines, as well as other benefits they could provide as a trusted partner. Osaka Gas may request additional information, product samples or further explanations. All documentation should be submitted either in Japanese or with a full translation into Japanese for documents in other languages.

If the applicant passes the review satisfactorily, it will be registered as a supplier for consideration when RFPs are announced. Prospective suppliers should contact Osaka Gas to find out if they have been accepted for registration. Osaka Gas reserves the right to withhold any information it considers to be confidential.

RFP Procedure

Osaka Gas will send RFPs to registered suppliers who are deemed appropriate. The RFP will cover all related requirements, such as quality, quantity, performance and inspection. As a rule, Osaka Gas solicits bids from several suppliers, but the company reserves the right to solicit as few as one bid in cases with extenuating circumstances.

The contacted suppliers must submit their bids to the Purchasing Department by the predetermined deadline. The costs of preparing and sending materials are borne by the bidders, and Osaka Gas may request additions or changes after review. When all necessary information has been received and evaluated, the Department will contact the selected supplier to discuss contract terms and conditions.


  • ・Information on this website is meant solely to clarify the basic policies and procedures of Osaka Gas' purchasing activities and has no legally binding power. Any obligation of Osaka Gas, including terms of agreement, confidentiality, laws and regulations, are only applicable to and expressed in purchasing contracts.
  • ・Osaka Gas and the selected supplier ("partner") shall strictly control access to information made available through their business activities. Neither party shall reveal any confidential information to a third party without the other party's written consent.
  • ・If any equipment, device or material is delivered after the date specified in the contract, Osaka Gas may demand indemnity from the partner for damages or losses incurred.
  • ・The contract between the partner and Osaka Gas shall be governed by the laws of Japan. If a dispute arises in respect of the contract or any other matter, it shall be determined in accordance with Japanese law.
  • ・Any partner under contract with Osaka Gas shall be responsible for observing all governmental regulations applicable to the partner and its contract with Osaka Gas. The partner shall indemnify Osaka Gas and hold Osaka Gas harmless from and against any liability, damage, loss, cost, expense, suit or proceeding incurred by Osaka Gas if the partner is found to be in violation of any law or regulation.