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CSR-based Purchasing Guidelines

To build strong, mutually beneficial relationships that enable Osaka Gas to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities, suppliers are required to observe the following guidelines based on the Purchasing Policy:

  • ・Strict compliance
    Suppliers must honor relevant laws, social norms and corporate ethics in their activities with Osaka Gas, and they must conduct their businesses as responsible corporate citizens. In addition to complying with the laws and regulations of the countries where they operate, suppliers must observe and respect fair labor practices and human rights.
  • ・Quality assurance
    Products and services must meet the quality and performance requirements set by Osaka Gas and remain functional for reasonable periods of time. Product designs and incorporated systems must be of superior quality and compatible with existing equipment deployed by Osaka Gas.
  • ・Fair pricing
    Prices of products (and services) must fairly reflect specifications, quality, delivery times, purchase volumes and market trends.
  • ・Prompt delivery
    It is essential for the supplier to adhere to delivery dates.
  • ・Environmental considerations
    Suppliers are expected to minimize environmental loads associated with the production and delivery of low-impact products and services. Specifications should comply with the company's Green Purchasing Guidelines.
  • ・Assurance of safety
    The use of all products and services delivered to Osaka Gas must be guaranteed to be safe.
  • ・Maintenance and after-sale services
    Inspections, maintenance, repairs and responses to malfunctions or other trouble must be carried out promptly, precisely and safely. Suppliers are expected to maintain backup systems for the immediate provision of required spare parts and technical support, and they must take the necessary steps to ensure such support when developing products and services. It also is very important for suppliers to steadily improve and upgrade their products and services.