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Supplier Opportunities

Guide for Suppliers

Thank you for your interest in doing business with Daigas Group. This section provides prospective suppliers with information on procurement policy of Daigas Group, supplier selection process of Osaka Gas and the supplies, materials, commodities and outsourced services required by Osaka Gas.

Purchasing Policy

Daigas Group Procurement Policy

The Daigas Group aims to contribute to the development of a sustainable society and believes that environmental and social consideration is important in procurement. Based on this concept, the Daigas Group formulates its policy on the procurement of works, services, goods, products, parts, materials, etc. as follows:

1. Compliance
We will ensure that our procurement will be in compliance with laws and ordinances, based on common sense corporate practices following sound ethical views, and in full consideration of occupational health and safety, respect for human rights including prohibition of discrimination, forced labor, and child labor, and the elimination of misconduct.
2. Open Trading
To procure high-quality, safe and economical materials, equipment and the like at appropriate timing, we will deal with not only domestic companies but also overseas companies.
3. Fair Dealing
We will select suppliers, vendors, contractors and others with whom we conduct business (collectively referred to as “Suppliers”) fairly and justly, taking into comprehensive account such factors as their corporate soundness, financial condition, commitment to corporate social responsibility, safety management system, technical capabilities, the quality, prices, and reliability of their products and services, the compatibility of their products and services with existing equipment, reliability in delivery, after-sales service, and economic rationality.
4. Contribution to Environmental Conservation
Based on the Daigas Group Environmental Activities Policy,* we aim to operate our business in harmony with the environment including consideration of biodiversity. We will promote green purchasing** in consideration of the balance between economic conditions and the reduction of environmental burdens.
5. Trusting Relationship
We will build a solid relationship of trust with Suppliers and strive for mutual development through close communication and fair and just purchasing transactions with them.

For more details, refer to the Daigas Group Procurement Policy for Suppliers,*** which the Group has formulated.

*The Daigas Group has formulated the Daigas Group Environmental Policy and promotes environmental activities based on this policy.
〈Link to the Daigas Group Environmental PolicyOutbound Link 〉

**Green purchasing” is purchasing in full consideration of the necessity of the purchase, taking into account not only quality and price but also the environment. More specifically, it denotes purchasing products and services that impose as light a burden on the environment as possible throughout the process from resource exploitation to resource disposal, from suppliers committed to reducing the environmental burden. For details, refer to the Green Purchasing Network (GPN)’s Green Purchasing Principles and Guidelines. In addition, the Daigas Group believes that “green delivery,” whereby a company selects to use low-emission vehicles, including natural gas vehicles and electric vehicles, for its business activities and encourages the use of low-emission vehicles at outsourced delivery companies or for the delivery of its products, is part of green purchasing.
〈Link to GPN’s Green Purchasing Principles
〈Link to GPN’s Green Purchasing Guidelines

***We at the Daigas Group have formulated the Daigas Group Procurement Policy for Suppliers. We hope to work together with Suppliers to contribute to creating a sustainable society while developing a relationship of mutual trust with Suppliers.
〈Link to the Daigas Group Procurement Policy for Suppliers

Formulated in June 1992
Revised in April 2020

In order to promote green purchasing, Osaka Gas has formulated the Green Purchasing Guidelines.

Products and Services We Need

Purchases by Osaka Gas are categorized by product and service. These include:

  • ・intelligent gas meters (microprocessor-controlled meters), roots meters, turbine meters, and other types of gas meters and their parts,
  • ・steel, cast iron and polyethylene pipes, gas plugs and valves, and pressure regulators,
  • ・machinery and equipment for LNG receiving terminals, gas measurement equipment, control instruments for plants, civil engineering and construction equipment, and telephone and telecommunication equipment,
  • ・office automation equipment, scientific analyzers, laboratory equipment, tools, office furniture, computers, vehicles and exhibition/event-related services, and
  • ・pipeline installation, machinery installation, electrical work, civil engineering work and general construction.

How We Select Partners

A company interested in becoming a partner doing business with Osaka Gas must first apply to be registered as a supplier. The process involves submitting documentation covering the applicant's corporate profile, products and technical data. If the applicant is determined to meet the standards for products/services purchased by Osaka Gas, they will be registered as a supplier and their information will be held on file for reference when the Purchasing Department contacts appropriate suppliers after issuing a request for proposal (RFP) .

When an RFP is issued, the Purchasing Department contacts several candidates whom it deems, at its sole discretion, to be appropriate candidates for the RFP. These suppliers will be asked to submit their bids based on required specifications and deadlines for delivery. After evaluating the entries, the department will notify the selected supplier to discuss specific terms and conditions, including delivery schedule, inspection and more. Read more on the Selection Process.