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Business Plan for FY2020.3 of Daigas Group

March 07. 2019

1. Priority Issues in FY2020.3
    In FY2020.3, as the third year of the "Medium-term Management Plan 2020", in order to realize what we aim to be in FY2021.3 and to lead sustainable growth ahead, we will continue to promote growth investment in International Energy business and Life & Business Solutions business and further develop proposals combining energy, such as gas, electricity, and various value added services.
We will further reinforce our business foundations so that our customers will be able to use gas, electric power and our various services with greater peace of mind, in light of the many natural disasters that occurred in the previous year including the earthquake occurred in northern Osaka.
2. Financial Plan
   In FY2020.3, we planned for consolidated net sales of 1,426 billion yen, operating profit of 91 billion yen, ordinary profit of 81 billion yen and profit attributable to owners of parent of 55 billion yen.
Financial Plan
3. Gas Sales Volume and Electricity Sales Volume Plan
    In FY2020.3, we planned for non-consolidated gas sales volume of 7,560 million m3 (a decrease of 4.2% compared with FY2019.3 (forecasts)) and consolidated electricity sales volume of 12,148 GWh (an increase of 4.1% compared with FY2019.3 (forecasts)).
  Gas Sales Volume and Electricity Sales Volume Plan
4. Investment Plan
    In FY2020.3, we planed for investment of 246 billion yen on a consolidated basis.
  Investment Plan

Business Plan for FY2020.3 of Daigas Group (1974KB)

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