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OGFICE Provides Educational Assistance to Indonesia, Malaysia, and East Timor through its FY 2017 Programs

March 27. 2018

Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.

Assistance provided to South East Asia and other regions in the fields of education, academia, science, and technology exceeds 500 million yen over 26 years

OSAKA, Japan -- The Osaka Gas Foundation of International Cultural Exchange (OGFICE) has announced its provision of educational assistance to Indonesia, Malaysia, and East Timor through assistance programs completed in fiscal 2017. Including this fiscal year's assistance amount of 21.47million yen, the foundation has provided a total of 500 million yen in assistance over the 26 years since its establishment in 1992.

Osaka Gas established OGFICE in 1992 in order to deepen mutual understanding between Japan and natural gas producing countries such as those situated in South East Asia.

In this fiscal year, the foundation provided a total of 13.03 million yen in aid to Indonesia in the form of school grants for educational equipment, scholarships for 300 students, research grants, training grants, and other assistance. Of these, research grants were provided to three universities, including the University of Indonesia, for use in research in the fields of energy and the environment.

Training assistance was provided to two graduate students of the University of Indonesia for short-term studies for Japanese language*1, and also to a total of 65 staff from Terbuka University for information communication technology training program.     

For Malaysia, a total of 6.86 million yen in assistance was provided, which included grants to schools in remote locations of Sarawak for educational materials, research grants to Sarawak University, and scholarships awarded to 12 students.

For East Timor, a total of 1.59 million yen worth of scholarships were provided to 30 students from National University of East Timor. These programs, which represent ongoing efforts by the foundation, are recognized as activities of an initiative designated the "2012 - Year of Friendship and Peace between Japan and East Timor," which commemorates the 10th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between East Timor and Japan*2.

The foundation intends to continue engaging in activities aimed at promoting international exchange through educational assistance in regions such as South East Asia.

*1 - A University student Japanese language training program which the foundation co-sponsors with the Japan Foundation.

*2 - An initiative implemented in 2012 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between the foreign ministries of East Timor and Japan.

1. Scholarship awards ceremony
(Bontang, Indonesia

2.Scholarship awards ceremony
(Sarawak University, Malaysia

3.Scholarship awards ceremony
(National University of East Timor, East Timor


FY 2017 Assistance Programs: Total of 21.47 million yen    

1. Contributions to Indonesia: 13.03 million yen



Educational equipment grants: 2.03 million yen




IT equipment, physical education and training equipment etc., to elementary schools, junior and senior high schools, and a university in Bontang area




Library assistance for the Banda Aceh area








Scholarships: 3.89 million yen for 300 students




Bontang area (high school and university students)

145 students




Mulawarman University (university students)

60 students




Banda Aceh area (elementary, junior high, high school students)

65 students




Syiah Kuala University (university students)

30 students








Testing and research grants: 4.41million yen for 10 subjects




University of Indonesia

2 subjects




Institute of Technology, Bandung

3 subjects




Bogor Agricultural University

5 subjects








Training grants: 2.70 million yen for 67 students and staff




Short-term studies abroad for Japanese language (2 graduate students from the University of Indonesia)




Information communication technology training program (a total of 65 faculty staff from Terbuka University)






2. Contributions to Malaysia: 6.86 million yen



Educational equipment grants: 480,000 yen
Textbooks and books to 25 schools for distance education in the Sarawak area



Scholarships: 3.00 million yen
Sarawak University (university students), 12 students



Testing and research grants: 1.48 million
Sarawak University, 8 subjects



Training grants: 1.89million yen
Grants for training teaching staff from remote schools in Sarawak





3. Contributions for East Timor: 1.59 million yen



Scholarships: 1.59 million yen
National University of East Timor (university students), 30 students




An overview of the Osaka Gas Foundation of International Cultural Exchange (OGFICE), can be found in the following link:

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