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Business Plan for FY2019.3 of Daigas Group

March 08. 2018

  Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.


Priority Issues in FY2019.3

   In FY2019.3, we will adopt “Daigas Group” as our new group brand, and work unitedly as a group to enhance the value of society and our customers. While responding to the changes in the environment that have occurred since the deregulation of the electricity and gas retail markets, we will embody activities that go beyond our existing boundaries as we enter the second year of the Medium-term Management Plan 2020 announced in March 2017.
 We will work continuously to increase the number of customer accounts by offering proposals incorporating various value-added services, in addition to expanding the electricity retail business and supplying natural gas, LPG and other sources of energy. Additionally, in the Tokyo metropolitan area, we will supply comfortable and convenient lifestyles to households, and economically and environmentally advantageous business solutions to corporations through CD Energy Direct Co., Ltd., a company established jointly with Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc.


Financial Plan

   In FY2019.3, we forecast consolidated net sales of 1,360 billion yen, operating incomeof 74 billion yen, ordinary income of 70 billion yen and profit of 46.5 billion yen.
  Consolidated Non-consolidated
(billion yen)
(billion yen)
Rate of
(billion yen)
(billion yen)
Rate of
Net sales 1,344.5 1,360.0 +1.2 1,053.5 1,090.0 +3.5
66.5 74.0 +11.3 28.0 37.5 +33.9
64.0 70.0 +9.4 35.0 46.5 +32.9
Profit 42.5 46.5 +9.4 27.0 36.0 +33.3
EBITDA 157.0 160.5 +2.2 --- --- ---
SVA 17.5 21.8 --- 8.4 15.4 ---
ROA 2.3% 2.4% --- --- --- ---
ROE 4.5% 4.6% --- --- --- ---
  * Maintaining our forecasts unchanged from the April 2017 plan
<FY 2019.3 earnings plans are based on following assumptions.>
Crude oil price (all-Japan CIF price): 65 dollars per barrel Exchange rate: 110 yen per dollar


Gas Sales Volume and Electricity Sales Volume Plan

  In FY2019.3, we forecast non-consolidated gas sales volume of 7,690 million m3 (a decrease of 5.3% compared with FY2018.3 (plan)) and consolidated electricity sales volume of 11,671 GWh (an increase of 13.3% compared with FY2018.3 (plan)).
[Gas sales volume (Non-consolidated)]   calculated based on 45MJ/m3
  Residential 1,957 million m3(-7.3%)
  Non residential 5,732 million m3(-4.6%)
   Total gas sales volume 7,690 million m3(-5.3%)
(Consolidated) Gas sales volume 7,723 million m3(-5.3%)
[Electricity sales volume (Domestic)]
Total 11,671 GWh(+13.3%)
Figures in parentheses represent rate of changes from comparable figures planned for FY 2018.3.
4. Investment Plan
  In FY2019.3, we forecast investment of 196 billion yen on a consolidated basis.
  Investment amount
Investment for quality improvement 46 billion yen
  Domestic energy 59 billion yen
  International energy 61 billion yen
  Life & business solutions 30 billion yen
  Investment for growth 150 billion yen
Total investment 196 billion yen

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