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Launch of a new group brand “Daigas Group”

March 08. 2018

Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.

On March 8, 2018, Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. launches a new group brand “Daigas Group.”


The new group brand is introduced as the Osaka Gas Group's expression of its new commitment of being an innovative energy and service company that continues to be chosen by customers as set out in the Long-Term Management Vision 2030 announced in March 2017 under the new policy, Going Forward, Beyond Borders.


The Daigas Group, the new group brand, symbolizes Pursuing Innovation, while Promoting Our Motto “Service First,” the pledge to be carried out by each member of the Group in order to fulfill its commitment. “Daigas” embodies the pledge of being “Dynamic and Innovative” to achieve the vision while being “Genuine and Studious” in finding out true needs of customers and offering innovative solutions to enhance their life and business, which has been practiced in the Group's business for over 110 years.


The Dynamic Triangle in the middle of the logo represents the three guiding principles of the Osaka Gas Group: Enterprising spirit, Customer-oriented approach and Wholeheartedness and sense of mission, as well as the Group's three business pillars evolving towards the future.


Under the banner of the new group brand, the Daigas Group is further enhancing its unity and pursuing its aim of being a corporate group that powers continuous advancement in customers' life and business, with each group member working on innovation and taking on new challenges.


1.Logo of the New Group Brand

The Daigas Group's logo symbolizes its pledge of being “Dynamic and Innovative, Genuine and Studious.”

Daigas Group logo 

2. Dynamic Triangle

The Dynamic Triangle represents the Group's three guiding principles and business pillars.

Dynamic Triangle 

3. Launch Date

The logo will be in use effective March 8, 2018.


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