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Osaka Gas Named to Global Compact 100 stock index

November 07. 2014

Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. (Hiroshi Ozaki, President; hereinafter, "Osaka Gas"), has been selected for inclusion in the Global Compact 100 stock index (“GC_100”), which is a representative socially responsible investment*1 (SRI) index. GC_100 is the index of the companies which Global Compact*2 and Sustainalytics*3 developed in 2013 recognizing companies' sustainability performance and growth potential as outstanding. In 2014, 100 companies including 11 Japanese companies have been selected as the GC_100.

Constituents of GC_100 have been annually revised based on implementation of the ten principles and evidence of executive leadership commitment and consistent base-line profitability.

Under the circumstances where an increasing number of investors take company’s sustainability in consideration for their investment in addition to financial state, GC_100 is deemed as the prospective SRI index which investors utilize as one of evaluation criteria for investment. We recognize that our management and accountability for the environment, society and governance have been highly evaluated.

Osaka Gas formulated the Osaka Gas Group CSR Charter in 2006 as the guiding principle for group executives and employees aiming for fulfilling its corporate social responsibility (CSR). In 2007, we joined the UN Global Compact as the first utility in Japan. Since then, we support its principle for addressing issues on sustainability, concerning society, governance and environment.

Osaka Gas intends to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through successful achievement of its long term business vision toward 2020, “Field of Dreams 2020”, while upholds its responsibility with appropriate information disclosure for stakeholders.

*1: “Socially Responsible Investment” is an investment strategy which aims for both financial growth and social good. Social responsibility includes addressing issues involved with societal aspects including compliance, human rights, labor, product responsibility, environment, community contribution and governance.

*2: An initiative proposed by then U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan at the 1999 World Economic Forum, which calls for businesses corporations to observe 10 principles concerning human rights, labor, the environment, and the prevention of corruption. The Osaka Gas announced its participation in this initiative.     

*3: It was established in 1992 and is a global responsible investment research firm specialized in environmental, social and governance (ESG) research and analysis.

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