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Latest News

March 08. 2018
Business Plan for FY2019.3 of Daigas Group
March 08. 2018
Launching a new group brand, “Daigas Group”
November 30. 2017
Completion of Phase II Construction of the On-Site Energy Supply Project for
Honda Automobile (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and Commencement of Operation
November 27. 2017
OSAKA GAS: Pilot Project Launched in Thailand to Explore Biogas Refining and Vehicle Natural Gas Fuel Supply for Future Commercial Usage
--Realization of the World's Highest Efficiency in Methane Recovery--
October 11. 2017
Our Search for Technology is in Progress as We Tap into the Plug and Play Program (Silicon Valley, U.S.)!
September 19. 2017
Osaka Gas selected for the DJSI World Index for the first time
June 29. 2017
Notice of Resolution at 199th Annual Meeting of Shareholders
May 23. 2017
Start of study on LNG-fuel supply to LNG-fueled tugboat
March 27. 2017
Osaka Gas acquires interests in two US Power plants
March 21. 2017
OGFICE Provides Educational Assistance to Indonesia, Malaysia, and East Timor Through Its FY 2016 Programs
March 09. 2017
Osaka Gas Group Long-Term Management Vision and Medium-Term Management Plan [Going Forward Beyond Borders]
March 09. 2017
Osaka Gas Group’s Business Plan for Fiscal 2017
December 26. 2016
Provision of Energy Begins in the On-site Energy Supply Project for Luckytex (Thailand) Mill No.2
December 15. 2016
Award of an on-site cogeneration project in Thailand and acceptance as a model project using Joint Crediting Mechanism in FY2015
October 11. 2016
Decision on Commercialization of Natural Gas-Fired Power Generation Project at Soma Port in Fukushima Prefecture and Participation of New Business Partners in the Project
September 12. 2016
Osaka Gas Named to the Socially Responsible Investment Indices for the Eighth Consecutive Year
March 30. 2016
OGFICE Provides Educational Assistance to Indonesia, Malaysia, and East Timor Through Its FY 2015 Programs
December 02. 2015
Joint Venture with Erogasmet S.p.A., an Italian gas distribution company
November 20. 2015
Osaka Gas Group Named a CDLI Company for its Excellence in Information Disclosure
November 11. 2015
Osaka Gas Group Published “Osaka Gas Group CSR Report 2015”

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