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May 15. 2019
Osaka Gas Releases AVANCE Built-in Stove Equipped with Area Sensors, an Industry-First Technology 299(KB)
May 15. 2019
Osaka Gas to Start Service to Purchase Surplus Electricity Generated by Photovoltaic Systems (for customers whose feed-in tariff period for renewable energy will end) 70(KB)
April 26. 2019
Gas Resource Cost Adjustment for June 2019 Gas Rates 97(KB)
April 24. 2019
Operating Results for the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2019 (201st Term) 119(KB)
April 24. 2019
Osaka Gas Withdraws from Construction Plan for Nishiokinoyama Power Plant (provisional name) 57(KB)
March 28. 2019
Gas Resource Cost Adjustment for May 2019 Gas Rates 98(KB)
March 27. 2019
Osaka Gas Starts an IoT Service for Plants 60(KB)
March 15. 2019
Demonstration of Peer to Peer Power Transactions Among Residents in NEXT21 246(KB)
March 13. 2019
Achievement of Accumulated Sales of 100,000 Units of “ENE-FARM” Household Fuel Cell System 59(KB)
March 07. 2019
Business Plan for FY2020.3 of Daigas Group
March 07. 2019
Establishment of Green Power Fuel Corporation 75(KB)
March 07. 2019
Official Decision to Launch a Biomass Power Plant in Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture 88(KB)
March 05. 2019
Osaka Gas Takes a Stake in Progressive Energy Corporation 76(KB)
February 28. 2019
Launch of new electricity service menus, Style Plan d, Style Plan S, and Style Plan E, and the Osaka Gas Electricity Service Thanks Campaign 103(KB)
February 28. 2019
Osaka Gas and the Osaka Municipal Fire Department Conclude an Agreement on Cooperative Educational Activities on Fire Prevention 62(KB)
February 27. 2019
Gas Resource Cost Adjustment for April 2019 Gas Rates 120(KB)
February 27. 2019
Osaka Gas Lowers Gas Rates 84(KB)
February 25. 2019
Embarking on Biomass Power Generation Business in Tsudakaigan-cho, Tokushima City, Tokushima Prefecture 113(KB)
February 19. 2019
Launch of a New Service Plan for the Simplified Data Measurement Service “ekul” The “ekul lite” Service Plan Utilizing the IoT Network “Sigfox” 153(KB)
February 08. 2019
NSENGI/Osaka Gas affiliate wins Cogeneration Award 2018 Chairman’s Award (Industrial Use category) 247(KB)

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