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Stopping Service

Here is all the information you will need to stop receiving your gas.

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Gas Service

How to Stop Your Gas Service

1Request for Stopping Service

To stop your gas service, please contact us via Residential Customer Form (click the link at the bottom of the page) with a check in the “Stopping Service” box, and you will be contacted by us either via email or phone and asked to provide the following information.

Information required for application
  • • Name of contractor/applicant
  • • Account number (When applying online)
    The account number is located on the mailed monthly invoice
  • • Address where gas service will stop
  • • Your primary telephone number
  • • Home type :detached house or collective housing
  • • Your preferred service stop date
  • • Your preferred service time window
  • • Your new address
  • • Your preferred payment method

2Disconnection Work

Osaka Gas will send a worker to you home at the date and time specified on your request to disconnect your home from our gas service, which will only take 5 minutes to complete the work. Please be home or have someone at your home for you at the time of the worker’s visit if your residence has an auto-lock key or the gas meter is inside your home.

3Completion of Service Disconnection

Payment of Your Final Gas Bill

Your final gas bill will be calculated based on the meter reading on the day of service disconnection.

For auto-payment customers

Payment of your final gas bill will be automatically made in 15 days after your service disconnection day.

For Credit Card Payment Customers

You will receive a bill from your credit card company.

For Cash payment customers

Please pay your final gas bill with the payment slip that we will send to your new address provided in your request for stopping service.

If you wish to continue using our gas service at your new address, you can continue using auto-payment with the same bank account.

Electricity Service

How to Stop Your Electricity Service

Please apply using Residential Customer Form with a check in the “Stopping Service” box, and you will be contacted via email or phone.

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