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Starting Service

Here you can find information you need to begin using our services.

Starting Service Starting Service

Osaka Gas offers two main services: Gas and Electricity.

Gas Service

Our Service Area

Our service area expands beyond the boundary of Osaka. To see if you are in our service area, please check the map link below.

Our service area map Outbound Link

How to Start Your Gas Service

1Request for Starting Service

To start your gas service, please contact us via Residential Customer Form (click the link at the bottom of the page) with a check in the “Starting Service” box, and you will be contacted by us either via email or phone and asked to provide the following information.

Information required for application
  • • Name of contractor/applicant
  • • Address and telephone number of the location where you want to start using gas
  • If you are moving within our service area, please provide your old location’s telephone number and address
  • • Your primary telephone number
  • • Your preferred service start date
  • • Your preferred service start time window
  • • Number and type of gas equipment already installed at your new residence Number and type of gas equipment you wish to take from your old residence and install at your new residence
  • • Your preferred payment method
  • Please choose from the following methods: account transfer, credit card, cash payment with payment slip.

2Connection Work

Osaka Gas will send a worker to your home at the date and time specified on your request to connect your home to our gas service. Please be home or have someone at your home for you at the time of the worker’s visit, which will only take 15 to 20 minutes to complete the work including a gas leak inspection and gas ignition check.

3Start of Using Service

Upon completion of the work, our gas service will be available at your home!

  • * Osaka Gas supplies type 13A city gas with a standard calorific value of 45 MJ (approx. 10,750 kcal).
    Be sure to use gas appliances that are compatible with 13A gas.
  • * Gas appliances that can only operate on 50 Hz require parts replacement. Please refer to the owner’s manual or appliance label for the gas type and frequency compatible with the appliance.

Electricity Service

Our Service Area

From April 2016, Osaka Gas started to provide electricity service to the areas shown below. To see if you are in our service area, please check the map. You can receive our electricity service without having our gas service.


Electrcity Service Area
  • Kyoto Prefecture
  • Osaka Prefecture
  • Shiga Prefecture
  • Hyogo Prefecture except Fukuura of Ako City
  • Nara Prefecture
  • Wakayama Prefecture
  • Fukui Prefecture(Mihama Town of Mikatakaminaka Country and areas west of it)
  • Mie Prefecture(Kumano City, Kiho Town and Mihama Town of Minamiura Country)
  • Gifu Prefecture(Part of Sekigahara Town of Fuwa Country)


How to Start Your Electricity Service

Please apply using Residential Customer Form with a check in the “Starting Service” box, and you will be contacted via email or phone.

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