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How to Pay

Your bills can be paid by the following 3ways, account transfer, credit card or over-the-counter payments. To change ways of your payment, please contact us by using our Residential Customer Form. If there is no customer’s request to change the payment methods, you will receive payment slips.

Account transfer payment
automatic payment

Account transfer is a way to make a payment automatically deducted from your designated bank account every month on the date specified by Osaka Gas.

Credit card payment
automatic payment

The accepted credit cards are as follows:

credit cards

Please allow 1-2 months for credit card payment to start.

Application form for credit card payment (Japanese only)

Cash payment/Smartphone payment
payment slip

  • Gas Service Only


  • Combined Gas & Electricty Service


Cash payment

Please take the payment slip to any of the following places to pay your bill by the due date. If the due date has passed, please see this page.


Convenience Store Payment Locations:
Living House / Daily Yamazaki / Poplar / MINISTOP / Seven-Eleven / Family Mart / Lawson / MMK installed store (payment machine)
Osaka Gas Headquarters:
〒541-0046 大阪市中央区平野町4-1-2
〒541-0046 Osaka-Shi, Chuo-Ku, Hirano-Cho, 4-1-2
Reception hours:
Mon.-Fri. : 9:00~17:30
Business holiday:
holidays including Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, around the year-end and New Year holidays.,May 1,

Smartphone payment

You can make payments online via a smartphone app by scanning the barcode on a bill or a payment slip.

Apps for smartphone payment

Payment method
au PAY Click here fro details.
(Japanese only.)
docomo Click here fro details.
(Japanese only.)
LINE Pay Click here fro details.
PayB Click here fro details.
(Japanese only.)
PayPay Click here fro details.
(Japanese only.)
EPOS Click here fro details.
(Japanese only.)
Rakuten Bank Click here fro details.
(Japanese only.)
Rakuten Pay Click here fro details.
(Japanese only.)
  • After you have paid a bill (payment slip) online, please be sure not to pay it again at a convenience store, bank, etc. 
  • You can make payments online via a smartphone app before due date.
  • A receipt will not be issued for online smartphone payment. For details of online payments made, check the payment history in your smartphone app.
  • For any questions about your smartphone app, including the method of operation, please contact the app provider.

Payment Carry Over System

For users who pay gas bills over the counter, Osaka Gas may combine bills for up to consecutive two months if the gas bill for one month is less than 1,500 yen (tax included), regardless of the amount of the bill for the subsequent month.

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