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How can I pay my bill?
There are three ways you can pay your bill: Account Transfer Payment, Credit Card Payment, and Cash Payment with payment slip. Please see this page.
When is the due date for my gas bill?
Your bill is due on the 30th day from the day after the gas charge is determined from the reading of your meter. For more information, please see this page.
What are 支払期限日 (Due Date) and 取扱期限日 (Final Due Date) on my bill?
(1)「支払期限日」 (Due Date)
This is the date your payment is due.

(2)「取扱期限日」 (Final Due Date)
This is the final date that you can pay using the payment slip at a convenienve store.

For more information, please see the Understand Your Bill page.
I lost my bill (payment slip), how can I get a copy?
When you lose your payment slip, you can still pay your bill in either of the following two ways.

(1)You can pay at your nearest Osaka Gas service shop. You can find your nearest service shop here.

(2)Please request us to reissue your bill via Residential Customer Form. After receiving your reissued payment slip, you can pay at a convenience store.
Can I pay my bill at any convenience stores?
The following convenience stores accept Osaka Gas bill payments: Azunasu / Ansuri / MMK installed store (payment machine) / living House / Community Store / Circle K Sunkus / Seven-Eleven / Daily Yamazaki / Heart / Family Mart / poplar / MINISTOP / Lawson
How can I find my Osaka Gas account number?
Your account number is printed at the top of your bill.

*Please refer to the Understand Your Bill page to see where.

If you are in a hurry, please contact us via Residential Customer Form.
I have missed the payment due date and received another gas bill from Osaka Gas after the due date. How soon do I have to pay the bill to avoid paying the intrest for the delayed payment?
When the payment is not completed by the due date, Osaka Gas will send another bill including the amount of interest for the delayed payment according to the number of days past the due date. You are expected to pay the gas bill as soon as possible, and you can avoid paying the interest if the payment is made within 10 days after the due date. Please note that you cannot pay at a convenience store when it is past the "取扱期限日" (Final Due Date).
How do I set up my Account Transfer?
To set up your Account Transfer, please contact us via Residential Customer Form with a check in the “Payment" box, and you will be contacted by us either via email or phone.
You can set up your Account Transfer by mailing to us or your bank the application form, which is provided when your home is connected to our gas service or you can request via Residential Customer Form.
I changed my account information. How do I update my Account Transfer information?
Please send us Account Transfer Application Form with the necessary information including your financial institution name and account information.

Account Transfer Application Form will be sent to you if requested via Residential Customer Form.

Please allow about one month for completion of the process. If you wish to immediately stop payment withdrawal from your old account, please contact us via Residential Customer Form.

If the change in account information is due to a financial institution's merger, name change, branch consolidation, etc. your action is unnecessary.
How can I continue using Account Transfer payment after moving?
You do not need to do anything, but please do not cancel your account until the final withdrawal is processed.

The final gas bill with be withdrawn about two weeks from the 10th.
Can I choose the date that the payment is withdrawn from my account?
The withdrawal date cannot be chosen by customers at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Which banks accept Account Transfer Payment?
Please check this page to see if your bank is available for Account Transfer Payment with Osaka Gas.
How can I set up Credit Card Payment?
Credit Card Payment can be set up at your credit card company or by sending us Credit Card Payment Application Form.
For the details of the application and types of credit cards accepted for payment with Osaka Gas, please check Payment page.
Please allow around 1 month for the completion of the process, which will be notied on your meter reading slip.
What if there is not sufficient balance in my bank account to pay my bill ?
If your account does not have the funds to cover the bill on the withdrawal date, another attempt will be made in 10 days. If the second attempt cannot make a successful withdrawal from your account, we will send you a bill in the mail. Please take the payment slip to a payment location to pay the bill.

*The scheduled transfer date and the second attempt transfer date will be stated on your meter reading slip.
Where can I pay my bill?
Before the due date, please take your payment slip to the following places and pay for your bill.

Banks: please check this page for the list of financial institutions that accept payment for Osaka Gas bill.

Convenience stores: Azunasu / Ansuri / MMK installed store (payment machine) / living House / Community Store / Circle K Sunkus / Seven-Eleven / Daily Yamazaki / Heart / Family Mart / poplar / MINISTOP / Lawson

Please note that each location may set a specific time they can handle bill payments.
Can I have a certificate of payment for my bill?
A certificate of payment is available for a fee. Please contact us via Residential Customer Form to order one.
Can I change names in my Osaka Gas account?
Only the account holder can request to change names in his/her Osaka Gas account by contacting Osaka Gas Customer Center. For the purpose of identification of the account holder, please provide the following information when contacting the customer center:
1. Names of the bank and the branch and the bank account number for your Account Transfer Payment
2. Amount of gas usage and fee shown in any of your meter reading slip in the past
Why does the gas rate unit price change each month?
The unit rate is adjusted every month based on the raw materials cost adjustment system*, which reflects the changes of raw materials cost including the exchange rate and the crude oil price on the gas rate.

Your gas bills for the current month and next month can be seen on the general charge page and the "Gas-toku" Plan page, as well as on your meter reading slip**.

*Please see the raw materials cost adjustment system page.

**To see the confirmation of gas usage, see the sample payment slip.
I believe my gas usage has rapidly increased. Who can I ask questions about my gas bill?
If you have any questions on your gas bill, please contact Osaka Gas Customer Center.

In general, gas consumption tends to increase in the following cases:

- When starting using a higher efficiency gas water heater, space heater or other gas equipment.

- When the climate or normal water temperature gets colder (more gas is consumed to make hot water when the climate is colder).
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