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By technology classification

Osaka Gas believes that technologies serve as the foundation of corporate competitiveness, and considers R&D to be one of the most important elements in the strategy to make a difference.
For this reason, Osaka Gas works actively on R&D and commercialization of new technologies, as presented below.

Wind plant output forecasting and simulation technology


Since the amount of electricity generated by wind power is proportional to the cube of wind speed, it is necessary to predict winds with high accuracy. To construct high-efficiency wind plants, Osaka Gas is working on developing and applying wind prediction and simulation technology.


Since we already had accumulated knowledge through simulations predicting complex wind streams in the proximity of buildings intended to predict diffusions of exhaust gas from cogeneration systems, we optimized calculation region setting, mesh configuration, numerical methods and the like, to establish a predicting technique. We examined the reliability of prediction results at an existing wind plant and confirmed that the technique was sufficiently reliable. Moreover, we have developed a framework for forecasting wind plant outputs overseas as well as in Japan, refining the forecasting technique to be applicable to overseas geographic and weather observation data.

Example verification at existing wind plant Example forecast at overseas wind plant (average annual wind speed distribution)

Future efforts

The newly-developed technique has been applied to predict electricity generation output at the Hirokawa Myojinsan Wind Plant and the Australian wind power project Hallett 4. We will not only predict wind plant outputs by the present technique, but also use it to improve power plant output by optimizing wind turbine placement based on simulation results. In addition, combining meteorological simulations, Osaka Gas will address the challenge of finding the best mix between renewable energy and adjustable energy so as to achieve more environmentally conscious use of renewable energy.