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By technology classification

Osaka Gas believes that technologies serve as the foundation of corporate competitiveness, and considers R&D to be one of the most important elements in the strategy to make a difference.
For this reason, Osaka Gas works actively on R&D and commercialization of new technologies, as presented below.

Service science/Service innovations


Osaka Gas has defined service science as an approach to suggest new value and improve productivity of service applying three scientific techniques. The techniques comprise: 1) obtaining service data, 2) analyzing service data, and 3) service solution. For example, we have implemented improvement programs concerning employees' explanatory talks, event venues, gas appliances and work site safety.

Fig. 1: Service science defined by Osaka Gas

Fig. 2: Obtaining service data through observation of behaviors


Service science aims to improve productivity and facilitate service innovations by introducing scientific techniques in the field of service where the provision of services has relied on intuition and experience.
Service science is becoming popular, and more and more researchers study service science. Osaka gas has built the original methodology of service science based on “human behavior observation”. Osaka gas is studying service science to present innovations through observing details of human behaviors in various fields and deducing insights from these observed data.


  • Behavior observation not only acquires verbalized information via conventional techniques (e.g., questionnaire), but also uncovers people's subconscious actions and needs.
  • Human behaviors are analyzed from perspectives of ergonomics, ethnography, social psychology and environmental psychology.
  • Behavior observation is applied in various fields of product development, shop development, talks to customers, office environment improvement and work site safety and efficiency.
  • Service science techniques have been licensed to Osaka Gas Research Institute of Behavior Observation Inc., an Daigas group company, with behavior observation business commencing for outside parties.