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By technology classification

Osaka Gas believes that technologies serve as the foundation of corporate competitiveness, and considers R&D to be one of the most important elements in the strategy to make a difference.
For this reason, Osaka Gas works actively on R&D and commercialization of new technologies, as presented below.

Atmosphere purifying materials contribute to the environmental protection


Osaka Gas has been developing modular air purification equipment for removal of pollutants from the atmosphere, using the coal chemistry utilizing carbon materials technology owned by the Daigas Group.


Nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from boilers and automobiles cause air pollution. As a solution to this problem, NOx removal catalysts have been used generally. Since use of this catalyst for NOx removal requires high reaction temperature, there has been no effective ways to remove NOx from the atmosphere or low-temperature exhaust gas. Addressing this challenge, the Daigas Group has possessed the environmantal technology of Activated Carbon Fibers (ACF) for NOx removal at atmospheric temperatures (approx. 0 - 40ºC) operating only by wind without using electric power. The ACF has numerous micro pores (<2 nm) on the surfaces for rapid and effective adsorption of pollutants.

Present efforts

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has installed ACF atmosphere purifying equipment at several locations on National Highway 43 in Osaka and Itabashi Ward in Tokyo for testing purposes, so far. The tests results have proved that there were remarkable improvements in the concentration of air pollution around the installation place, with synergistic effect from improved intersections. In addition, air purifying noise insulation panel (NNC panel) using new ACF has been constructed on National Highway 23 in Nagoya, and it has successfully reduced both noise and NOx. NOx concentration has achieved the environmental standard that was desired for improvement in long term.

ACF installed on National Highway 43 in Osaka / NNC Panel installed on National Highway 23 in Nagoya

Future efforts

Moreover, Installation of ACF in National Highway of Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, where air pollution become worse seriously due to the economic growth, has been decided with the help of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the cooperation of Ministry of Public Works of Indonesia. By scaling up these ACF installed place and continuous examination of its effect, we are developing the improvement and protection of atmospheric environment.