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Osaka Gas believes that technologies serve as the foundation of corporate competitiveness, and considers R&D to be one of the most important elements in the strategy to make a difference.
For this reason, Osaka Gas works actively on R&D and commercialization of new technologies, as presented below.

Compact on-site hydrogen generator HYSERVE



The inexpensive, compact, on-site hydrogen generators (HYSERVE series) are designed to easily generate high-purity hydrogen from city gas based on high-performance catalyst technologies refined through many years.

■Awards Osaka Gas received for HYSERVE

  • Japan Gas Association Technology Award from the Japan Gas Association (in FY2006)
  • Osaka Environmental Award from the Osaka Prefectural Assembly (in FY2005)
  • 24th Engineering Merit Award from the Engineering Advancement Association of Japan (in FY2004)


  • 1. Compact package design
    • The reforming and purification systems are packaged into one unit to significantly reduce the installation space.
    • The skid mount structure significantly increases the ease of transportation and installation of the unit.
    • The design minimizes heat loss and pressure drop.
  • 2. Low-cost
    • Medium pressure city gas (0.1 MPa or higher) can be used as feedstock, which helps reduce the compression power significantly.
    • The off-gas from PSA is effectively utilized as fuel for the burner of the reformer, which reduces the feed natural gas consumption rate.
    • Standardization of specifications for main equipment contributes to reduction in fabrication cost.
    • The skid mount structure contributes to significant reduction in installation time and cost at customers’ sites.
  • 3. Easy operation
    • The system can be started and stopped with a single button.
    • Daily maintenance is simple and saves labor.
    • Automatic load-following operation is possible within the range of 40 to 100%. Standard-type Hyserve has function that keep Standby operation.
    • Remote monitoring and alert systems ensure quick action against troubles.

Process overview

Process overview
Process overview

Unit specifications

Hydrogen production capacity 30Nm3/h 100Nm3/h 300Nm3/h
Feedstock City gas (13A), LPG City gas (13A), LPG City gas (13A)
Hydrogen purity 99.999 vol% or higher 99.999 vol% or higher 99.999 vol% or higher
Hydrogen (product) pressure 0.70 MPaG or less 0.70 MPaG or less 0.70 MPaG or less
Installation space
(for main unit alone)
2.5mW×2.0mD×2.5mH 3.8mW×2.6mD×2.8mH 7.5mW×3.0mD×3.3mH

Results and application examples

■Industrial applications

  • Bright annealing of stainless wires
  • Bright annealing of steel sheets
  • Production of glass, etc.

Switching from a system comprising an ammonia cracker and a high-pressure loader to a city gas reforming system

■Applications for hydrogen stations (for fuel cell vehicles)

Osaka Hydrogen Station HYSERVE-30 is in place.JHFC Centrair Hydrogen Station HYSERVE-100 is in place (on the island of Central Japan International Airport).