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Osaka Gas’ residential polymer electrolyte fuel cell (PEFC) cogeneration system

Osaka Gas’ fuel cell system is a device, which generates electricity from hydrogen, extracted from city gas and oxygen in the air. It is an environment-friendly power generation system that is capable of reducing CO2, a greenhouse gas, and hence waste energy in the process of power generation.
The fuel cell cogeneration system allows us to achieve the ideal clean energy system with its high power generation efficiency as well as with the effective use of recovered heat in the power generation process.
This site presents the technology that Osaka Gas has been studying and assessing for a long time, and the mechanism of the polymer electrolyte fuel cell adopted by Osaka Gas.
* PEFC stands for “polymer electrolyte fuel cell.”

Residential solid oxide type fuel cell (SOFC) system
ENE・FARM is the unified brand name of residential fuel cell cogeneration systems.
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