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Osaka Gas’ residential polymer electrolyte fuel cell (PEFC) cogeneration system
About Osaka Gas’cell evaluation technology

Factors for degradation (voltage drop) and evaluation technology

The operating life of the PEFC is defined as the state at which the voltage has dropped by 10% of the initial value. (When the initial voltage of a single cell is 0.75 V, the operating life is defined as the time up to the point where the voltage drops to 0.675 V.)

Main factors of voltage drop

Degradation of the electrolyte Decrease in the resistance of the fuel electrode catalyst to CO (carbon monoxide) poisoning
Sintering of the air electrode catalyst Decrease in the gas diffusivity in the air electrode

Durability evaluation tests on the four main factors of voltage drop

Accelerated degradation test

Accelerated degradation evaluation technique developed by the NEDO project to accurately forecast the operating life in a short period is used to evaluate the durability.

Development of the acceleration technique
Long-term durability test

Osaka Gas uses the cell evaluation technology it has accumulated through its long efforts, exploiting it fully in current development efforts.

Acchievements of Osaka Gas in long-term durability evaluation tests.

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