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I would like to express my gratitude to our customers, shareholders, and many others for their support to the growth of Osaka Gas and the Osaka Gas Group companies.

There are a number of factors in today's world that can easily upset the balance of politics, economics, and society, making it difficult for us to foresee the future. In the area of our energy business, full liberalization in electricity and gas retailing in Japan will come into play in 2016 and 2017 respectively, and will greatly change the business environment for energy suppliers. As a corporate group, we consider these upcoming changes to be opportunities for business growth, and we intend to reinforce our relationships with customers to remain their first port of call.

President Takehiro HonjoPresident
Takehiro Honjo

Energy Business

Osaka Gas strives to meet diverse customer needs across the board through the supply of gas, electricity, and other forms of energy, in combination with supplying gas equipment, facilities, and services. We are also working to expand the use of natural gas by promoting gas cogeneration using fuel cells, gas air conditioning, and other systems, helping customers to live more comfortably, save energy, and achieve business continuity in the face of natural disaster.

As an energy supplier, our top priority is to supply energy to customers economically and with stability. To make this possible, we are taking measures to diversify LNG procurement sources and contract price indices, and increase our involvement in the upstream of gas production. We are also upgrading production and supply infrastructure, and implementing measures to improve our preparedness against earthquakes and tsunamis in order to ensure supply stability.

Our accumulated technologies and expertise can be applied in countless ways, and we are doing so through engagement in a wide range of domestic and international projects in gas, electricity, and energy services.

Life & Business Solutions

We have also applied our strengths to non-energy business areas, providing products and services in the categories of material solutions, information solutions, and real estate. Our aim is to contribute to the greater comfort of our customers and to help them develop their businesses as we grow in each area.

Strengthening Managerial Foundation

We are seeking to improve the performance of fuel cells and other gas equipment and facilities, along with developing technologies in a wide range of fields. Also, we are implementing CSR with high standards based on the Osaka Gas Group CSR Charter.

The group's top priority is to create value for customers, which connects to the value that we create for society and for our shareholders and employees. We will strive to achieve these ends and continue growing in the process.

April 2015
President Takehiro Honjo Takehiro Honjo

Investor Relations

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