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International Business Vision

What We Aim to Be in FY2031.3 and Summary of Current Situation

As an energy business operator, the Daigas Group has focused on the natural gas value chain from early on and has made investments abroad accordingly. In the future, we will continue to invest outside of Japan and by FY2031.3 will increase our international-to-domestic business ratio to 1:2. Daigas Group will create a business model capable of generating balanced earnings streams from North America, Asia, and Oceania.

Anticipated FY2031.3 consolidated ordinary profit
Growth investment in international business
Net Sales , Segment Profit

Efforts to Become What We Aim To Be in FY2031.3

In order to become what we aim to be in FY2031.3, we will promote expansion from upstream to downstream businesses, centering on our priority areas, namely North America, Asia, and Oceania. To do so, we will make full use of the expertise we have cultivated in Japan and the international business infrastructure we have built.
Also, we will expand our businesses based on the following three policy points.

  • Concentrating management resources on priority areas and priority business in each area
  • Accelerating business development by collaborating with mutually complementary partner companies and utilizing M&A
  • Increasing business engagement and improving business implementation capabilities (human resource development, development of a quick decision-making system, etc.)

We will strengthen the profit structure of the international energy business by strengthening each business field.

Upstream and Trading Business , Downsream Business, Know-how of dometic businesses, Existing Inerational business bases

Specific Initiatives

We aim for sustainable growth by building up business expertise for conducting business independently as well as expanding earnings contribution through growth investment projects.
We will strive to strengthen the competitiveness of LNG procurement and expand earnings in the trading business.

Specific Initiatives

Development in Southeast Asia and LNG Trading

In Southeast Asia, we are engaged in natural gas sales and energy services in four countries: Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, and Vietnam. With regard to LNG trading, we are expanding operations while responding to customer needs, such as optimization through swaps and contract reclassification.