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LNG Value Chain(Data as of March 31, 2020)

The Daigas Group is involved in the full range of processes from procurement and transportation of natural gas to production, power generation, supply, sales, and security of city gas. We are now exploring ways to strengthen the value chain. We aim to accomplish this by actively expanding new business domains both in Japan and internationally that utilize the expertise that we have gained through our operations to date.

International Energy Business (upstream to middle and downstream)


LNG suppliers
9 countries

9 countries LNG suppliers



8 countries LNG suppliers



Our group carrier fleet
8 ships

Our group carrier fleet 8 ships

We pursue stable procurement by concluding long-term purchase agreements and diversifying suppliers. In addition, we aim to achieve stable prices by diversifying price indicators through operation of the Freeport LNG terminal in the United States.

We utilize our group carrier fleet to stabilize procurement and reduce transportation costs.

Amount of LNG purchased
(including fuel used for power generation and wholesale)

Approx. 8.48 million
tons per year
(Fiscal year ended March 31, 2020)


Domestic Energy /
Electricity Business

Power Generation

Approx. 2.03 GW in Japan
Of which, renewable energy Approx. 0.24GW

Approx. 2.44 GW overseas
Of which, renewable energy Approx. 0.10GW

2 locations Number of LNG terminals

We operate power generation facilities with varying power sources, from natural gas-fired thermal power plants including the Senboku Natural Gas Power Plant to cogeneration and renewable energy sources, etc.


Electricity Supply


Electricity Supply

Electricity is supplied using the grids operated by Kansai Transmission and Distribution, Inc., and other companies to offer the same level of reliability and quality as always.

Domestic Energy /
Gas Business

Production of City Gas



Production of City Gas

We established a complete production system with two LNG terminals in Senboku and Himeji as well as 26 LNG tanks.


Gas Supply

Total length of pipeline extensions Approx.62,900km

Approx. 620 thousand units Number of low-voltage electricity supply customers

To support stable supply of city gas,we promote planned facility upgrades and development of the gas pipeline network.


Security, Sales, and Services

Service chain partners Approx. 200 stores

Number of customer accounts* Approx. 9.10million
Of which, number of low-voltage electricity supply customers Approx. 1.32million customers
Of which, number of gas supply customers Approx.5.34million customers

Security, Sales, and Services

Security, Sales, and Services

We accept requests 24 hours a day,365 days a year to assure security and safety for our customers.

We provide the best solutions that meet the various needs of households, factories, and offices. * Total number of contracts, including city gas, electricity, LPG, ENE-FARM, Sumikata Service, and utility agent contracts.


LBS Business

Real Estate

Solutions Business

Solutions Business

Real Estate Business

Materials Solutions Business

Information Solutions Business

We actively apply technologies and expertise we have accumulated in the energy business, developing businesses that differ from the energy field to diversify business risk.