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Osaka Gas (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Osaka Gas (Thailand), or OGT, was established in October 2013 to offer one-stop energy services to industrial customers in Thailand by leveraging the natural-gas engineering expertise of its parent, Osaka Gas.

This is the second Southeast Asian venture for Osaka Gas, following City-OG Gas Energy Services in Singapore.

Fast Facts (as of October 2018)

Headquarters Osaka Gas (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
10F, Wave Place Building, 55 Wireless Road,
Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand



Established October 2013
Shareholders Osaka Gas Singapore Pte. Ltd. 49%
SBCS Co., Ltd. 19%
SMBC Management Service Co., Ltd. 12%
Bangkok BTMU Ltd. 10%
MHCB Consulting (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 10%
Main Business One-stop fuel-switching services (from LPG & fuel oil to natural gas)
Energy-saving services
Energy facility installations


OGT offers one-stop energy services, including natural-gas equipment installations, energy-use monitoring, maintenance and more, helping customers to benefit from efficient and stable supplies of clean energy at reasonable cost. The comprehensive services offered by OGT are contributing to enhance energy saving in the Thai economy.
For more details, see Solutions for International Customers in Singapore and Thailand.

Energy service business in Thailand

Osaka Gas has stepped up its business in Thailand with a focus on the energy service (ES)*1 business, utilizing Osaka Gas's energy service solution know-how, which is based on its engineering prowess regarding the use of natural gas in the Thai industrial market. Specifically, the new company undertakes overall utility-related businesses, including the installation of boilers and industrial furnaces, CNG supply, water and biotechnology.

Members of OGT and OGPS

Members of OGT and OGPS

In October 2013, Osaka Gas founded Osaka Gas (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Thailand. A total of 17 staff—nine loaned from Osaka Gas and eight local staff — belong to Osaka Gas (Thailand). OGT has received three orders for ES and 34 orders for facility installation and consulting services (as of May 2017) since the business started in October 2013.

In July 2014, Osaka Gas and Nippon Steel & Sumikin Engineering Co., Ltd. agreed to form a business partnership for an on-site business*2 using cogeneration systems built in Thailand. Under the agreement, the two companies established NS-OG Energy Solutions (Thailand) Ltd. The joint company has clinched five contracts for a cogeneration system in cooperation with both parent companies. NS-OG Energy Solutions (Thailand) Ltd. started the business of energy-supply in Luckytex (Thailand) Public Co. in December 2016.

In November 2015, Osaka Gas and a subsidiary of PTT Public Co., Ltd. in Thailand jointly established OGP Energy Solutions Co., Ltd. to undertake ES business for industrial clients in Thailand. The joint company has received five orders from local companies for energy services and facility installation (as of May 2017).

*1 Energy service (ES) business
This service enables customers to introduce natural gas and other facilities, without any initial investment, simply by paying fees that correspond to the amount of energy use. The new company is equipped with natural gas-fired facilities, including boilers and combustion furnaces, to supply steam and other forms of energy to customers to meet their energy-saving needs. As an one-stop service for the management of energy use and facility maintenance, the company has promoted energy-saving as well as stable energy supply.
*2 On-site business
Service in which the Daigas Group sets up a cogeneration system on customers' sites or near their sites, and supplies electricity and heat there. The cogeneration system is operated and maintained by staff posted at the facility.

Affiliated Company

Company details contact information

OGP Energy Solutions Co.,Ltd.

55 Wave Place Building 10F,Unit 10.04,Wireless Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand