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Our History

Our History

The History of the Daigas Group

  • 1897

    Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. established with capital of ¥350,000

  • 1905

    Iwasaki Plant established; gas supply begins
    (3,351 customers by year end)

    Iwasaki Plant (currently Nishi-ku, Osaka) Iwasaki Plant (currently Nishi-ku, Osaka)
  • 1924

    Cooking classes at the head office begin

    Cooking class Cooking class
  • 1933

    Construction of Osaka Gas Building completed

    Osaka Gas Building Osaka Gas Building
  • 1940

    Operations begin at Torishima Plant

  • 1958

    Number of customers exceeded 1 million household

  • 1984

    Operations begin at Himeji LNG Terminal

    Himeji LNG Terminal at start of operations (Hyogo Prefecture) Himeji LNG Terminal at start of operations (Hyogo Prefecture)
  • 1987

    Sales of small gas heat pumps begin

  • 1988

    Number of customers exceeded 5 million household

  • 1989

    Urbanex Co., Ltd. established
    (currently Osaka Gas Urban Development Co., Ltd.)

  • 1990

    Natural gas conversion completed

    Natural gas conversion completion ceremony Natural gas conversion completion ceremony
  • 1991

    Osaka Gas Chemicals Co., Ltd. established

  • 1992

    OGIS-RI Co., Ltd. established; Osaka Gas Environmental
    Action Guidelines announced

  • 1995

    Great Hanshin-Awaji (Kobe) Earthquake

  • 1997

    Number of customers exceeded 6 million household

  • 2000

    Osaka Gas Group Code of Conduct established

  • 2003

    Sales of ECOWILL residential cogeneration system begin

  • 2004

    Himeji LNG Terminal's power generation facility goes
    into operation

  • 2006

    Wind power generation begins Osaka Gas Group CSR
    Charter established

    Adoption of the Group CSR Charter

    Adoption of the Group Environmental Activities Policy

  • 2007

    Osaka Gas obtained integrated certification for ISO 14001
    international environmental management standards.

  • 2009

    Operations begin at Senboku Natural Gas Power Plant

    Sales of ENE-FARM residential fuel cell begin

    ENE-FARM residential fuel cell ENE-FARM residential fuel cell
  • 2010

    Adoption of the Osaka Gas Group Biodiversity Promotion Policy

  • 2011

    Number of customers exceeded 7 million household

  • 2013

    Gas sales in Singapore begin

  • 2014

    Energy services in Thailand begin

    Mie-Shiga and Himeji-Okayama Gas Pipelines open

    Himeji–Okayama Gas Pipeline construction Himeji–Okayama Gas Pipeline construction

    Adoption of the Osaka Gas Group Diversity Promotion Policy

  • 2015

    Adoption of the Osaka Gas Group Corporate Principles

    Adoption of Policy on CSR Procurement of Gas Equipment

  • 2016

    Electricity supply for residences and small businesses begins

  • 2017

    Full deregulation of the city gas retail markets

  • 2018

    CD Energy Direct Co., Ltd. established

    PT OSAKA GAS INDONESIA established

  • 2019

    Natural gas supply company established in Vietnam

    Core energy business companies established

    (Osaka Gas Marketing Co., Ltd., Daigas Energy Co., Ltd.,
    Daigas Gas and Power Solution Co., Ltd.)

    Company acquires Sabine Oil & Gas Corporation

    Commercial operation of Freeport LNG Project
    in the United States begins