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Our History

Our History

The History of the Daigas Group

  • 1897

    Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. established with capital of ¥350,000

  • 1905

    Iwasaki Plant established; gas supply begins
    (3,351 customers by year end)

    Iwasaki Plant (currently Nishi-ku, Osaka) Iwasaki Plant (currently Nishi-ku, Osaka)
  • 1924

    Cooking classes at the head office begin

    Cooking class Cooking class
  • 1933

    Construction of Osaka Gas Building completed

    Osaka Gas Building Osaka Gas Building
  • 1940

    Operations begin at Torishima Plant

  • 1958

    Number of customers exceeded 1 million household

  • 1984

    Operations begin at Himeji LNG Terminal

    Himeji LNG Terminal at start of operations (Hyogo Prefecture) Himeji LNG Terminal at start of operations (Hyogo Prefecture)
  • 1987

    Sales of small gas heat pumps begin

  • 1988

    Number of customers exceeded 5 million household

  • 1989

    Urbanex Co., Ltd. established
    (currently Osaka Gas Urban Development Co., Ltd.)

  • 1990

    Natural gas conversion completed

    Natural gas conversion completion ceremony Natural gas conversion completion ceremony
  • 1991

    Osaka Gas Chemicals Co., Ltd. established

  • 1992

    OGIS-RI Co., Ltd. established; Osaka Gas Environmental
    Action Guidelines announced

  • 1995

    Great Hanshin-Awaji (Kobe) Earthquake

  • 1997

    Number of customers exceeded 6 million household

  • 2000

    Osaka Gas Group Code of Conduct established

  • 2003

    Sales of ECOWILL residential cogeneration system begin

  • 2004

    Himeji LNG Terminal's power generation facility goes
    into operation

  • 2006

    Wind power generation begins Osaka Gas Group CSR
    Charter established

    Adoption of the Group CSR Charter

    Adoption of the Group Environmental Activities Policy

  • 2007

    Osaka Gas obtained integrated certification for ISO 14001
    international environmental management standards.

  • 2009

    Operations begin at Senboku Natural Gas Power Plant

    Sales of ENE-FARM residential fuel cell begin

    ENE-FARM residential fuel cell ENE-FARM residential fuel cell
  • 2010

    Adoption of the Osaka Gas Group Biodiversity Promotion Policy

  • 2011

    Number of customers exceeded 7 million household

  • 2013

    Gas sales in Singapore begin

  • 2014

    Energy services in Thailand begin

    Mie-Shiga and Himeji-Okayama Gas Pipelines open

    Himeji–Okayama Gas Pipeline construction Himeji–Okayama Gas Pipeline construction

    Adoption of the Osaka Gas Group Diversity Promotion Policy

  • 2015

    Adoption of the Osaka Gas Group Corporate Principles

    Adoption of Policy on CSR Procurement of Gas Equipment

  • 2016

    Electricity supply for residences and small businesses begins

  • 2017

    Full deregulation of the city gas retail markets

  • 2018

    CD Energy Direct Co., Ltd. established