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Life & Business Solutions(LBS) Business

Life & Business Solutions(LBS) Business

Real Estate Business

Osaka Gas Urban Development Group

Our real estate business extends widely to include the development of properties such as sale and rental apartments, office buildings, management of buildings and facilities, and so on.

Materials Solutions Business

Osaka Gas Chemicals Group

We develop, manufacture and sell highly functional materials based on our own coal chemistry technologies and pharmaceutical- and agrochemical-related technologies. In 2014 we acquired Jacobi Carbons AB (Sweden) and are developing our business globally.

Information Solutions Business


OGIS-RI traces its roots back to developing and managing systems for the gas business of Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. After various acquisitions, it organized a group of system providers to offer services to the manufacturing and financial industries. By sharing the expertise of each company in the group, we provide comprehensive IT services ranging from consulting, design, development, and the operation of corporate information systems to data centers, cloud services, and security.