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Domestic Energy Business

Domestic Energy Business

Measures for Stable Gas Supply, and Safe and Secure Use

  • • Low-cost and Stable Energy Resource Procurement
  • • Supply Systems for Safe and Secure Use
  • • Safety Measures
  • • Disaster Prevention Measures (Earthquake Countermeasures)

Measures to Maximize Customer Accounts

We are aiming to become a company that is consistently chosen by customers in the areas of energy supply such as city gas, LPG, electric power, and energy-related services by continuing to provide services that go beyond customers’ expectations.
Measures for Residential Use
For more than 110 years, we have provided a stable city gas supply and superior safety and reliability to earn customers’ trust. On the base of this trust, we are promptly providing energy, equipment, and lifestyle services and reforms, etc. that meet the needs of each individual customer to strengthen relationships with customers.
Measures for Commercial and Industrial Use
To enable optimized, efficient energy usage, we provide one-stop solutions to meet utilities-related outsourcing needs at our customers, along with services that leverage engineering, the IoT and other advanced tools in the development of technologies and products needed by our customers.

Development of Energy and Services in a Wider Area,
Establishment of Competitive and Environmentally Friendly Infrastructure

As an energy business operator, we will contribute to creating an overall low-carbon society by providing energy and services in a wider area while pursuing the development of competitive and environmentally friendly infrastructure.