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Domestic Energy Business

Domestic Energy Business

Develop energy marketer business of a new era

  • ・Aim to become a company that is consistently chosen by customers in the areas of energy supply such as city gas, LPG, electric power, and other energy-related services, by continuing to provide services that go beyond customers' expectations.
  • ・Aim for 8,900 thousand customer accounts by offering comprehensive energy and services.

Development of pipeline network operator business

  • ・Realize stable supply of gas and the dissemination and expansion of natural gas by advancing “structuring a strong business entity that anticipates change” and “establishing firm brand power as a network operator.”

Promotion of innovation to go beyond boundaries

  • ・Establish an Innovation Headquar ters in an effor t to create new value that goes beyond traditional boundaries, further promoting activities for innovation including open innovation and digitalization.

Establishment of competitive energy infrastructure

  • ・Advance acquisition of new equipment to pursue development of competitive infrastructure as a gas and power operator.
  • ・Further accelerate development and acquisition of renewable energy power sources.

Enhancement of the engineering business

  • ・I mplement organizational reform under which LNG Terminal & Power Generation & Engineering Business Unit will be established, comprising the Engineering Depar tment, which will engage in the design and construction of LNG bases and power plants, and the LNG Terminal & Power Generation Business Unit, which will be responsible for safe and stable operation.

Expansion of business in the metropolitan markets

  • ・Establish CD Energy Direct Co., Ltd., a joint venture with Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc., which will engage in the sales of electricity and gas and services related to living and businesses in the metropolitan area to deliver new value to consumer life and business.