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Message from the President

Masataka Fujiwara PresidentMasataka Fujiwara President

I would like to thank all of our customers, shareholders, and other stakeholders for their invaluable support extended to Osaka Gas and the Daigas Group.

As I recently assumed the office of the president and representative director of Osaka Gas, I have renewed my commitment to meet the expectations of all stakeholders, and I would deeply appreciate your continued support.

With no end in sight at the moment to the COVID pandemic that has been sweeping the globe since last year, severely affecting daily life and the economy, we are now even more strongly aware of the weight of our responsibility as a corporate group involved in energy and other infrastructure businesses that help to support society. The Daigas Group remains committed to ensure a safe and reliable supply of energy for customers and society.

Despite the pandemic restricting our daily activities, we have been making steady progress in our current operations and future-growth preparations. In Osaka Gas, we have been providing faster, more customer-oriented services through our three Core Energy Business Companies, the mainstay of our energy businesses, which we launched in April last year.

Overseas, we have been promoting successful operations of Freeport, the US LNG project we participate in, and Sabine Oil & Gas Corporation, our wholly owned US shale gas development company. With those businesses steadily contributing to the Group’s growth, our international segment is expected to continue expanding as one of the key earnings drivers of the Group.

Even in the times both during and after the pandemic, the Daigas Group remains committed to be a corporate group that powers continuous advancement in consumer life and business. As we work to realize our Long-term Management Vision 2030, we strive to maximize the value that we provide in each of our businesses in order to be an innovative energy and service company that continues to be the first choice of customers.

Masataka Fujiwara | 藤原 正隆 January 2021
Masataka Fujiwara
President and Representative Director
Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.