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Message from President

President and Representative Director Takehiro Honjo President and Representative Director
Takehiro Honjo

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our customers, shareholders and other stakeholders for their continued support and patronage of Osaka Gas and the Daigas Group.

The business environment surrounding us has become increasingly unclear and uncertain due to the full deregulation of the retail electricity and gas markets and heightened volatility of fuel prices.
This makes it difficult for us to predict the future state of the business environment, a situation that has continued for some time.

Amid such changes in the external environment, however, we look at them as opportunities to expand our businesses and aim to become a corporate group that continues to be chosen by customers by deepening our connections with them.

Domestic and overseas energy businesses

As an energy marketer of a new era, we provide customers with optimal solutions by combining our gas and electricity supply with various other services. In markets in Japan, we expand our marketer business widely in the country by strengthening collaboration with other energy providers.

In overseas markets, we participate in energy development projects in upstream fields and LNG terminal development projects, while boosting our businesses in IPP,* energy services, and trading.

While securing stable and economical procurement of materials such as natural gas by turning to multiple sources, we enhance our market competitiveness by diversifying contract price indicators.

To consistently and stably provide energy to customers, we expand and renovate as well as maintain our facilities of gas production, gas supply, and power-generation while implementing anti-earthquake and anti-tsunami measures. In addition, we carry out steps to ensure the safety and security of our customers.

* Independent Power Producer

Life & business solutions business

Based on the technologies and knowledge we have gained through our energy business, we provide products and services in non-energy fields such as urban development, materials, and information technologies, where we have competitive advantage over other companies, in order to contribute to customers’ life enhancement and business development.

Reinforcement of business foundation

We are committed to raising the CSR standards of the entire Daigas Group based on the Daigas Group CSR Charter. As part of this, we conduct global standardized management with high awareness of ESG (environment, society, and governance). Furthermore, we strive to win continued trust from customers and society in collaboration with parties that constitute the Daigas Group’s supply-chain network both in Japan and abroad.

We promote technological innovation by actively utilizing IoT and AI technologies. In addition, we pursue further enhancement of the efficiency of gas equipment and facilities including fuel cells and reduction of their operational costs while stepping up new technology development and engineering technology application.

As a means of achieving sustainable growth, we promote workforce diversity and develop human resources who are capable of creating new value in our businesses. Meanwhile, to continue being a “healthy” and solid corporate group, the Daigas Group promotes its employees’ work style reform to help further enhance their productivity and creativity.

Under the new group brand, “the Daigas Group,” we strive to contribute to the development of society, local communities, and customers by going beyond customer expectations, business boundaries, and corporate boundaries as an innovative energy and service provider that customers continue to choose through successive generations.

With “value creation for customers” being the top priority, we aim to be a corporate group that generates continuous advancements in customers’ lives and businesses, through which we enhance value for society, value for shareholders, and value for employees.

President and Representative Director Takehiro Honjo
(As of June, 2018)