CSR Report 2020

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    For some of the environmental performance data listed in the "Daigas Group CSR Report 2020" booklet (published in October 2020), the figures were updated as follows after receiving third-party verification by Bureau Veritas Japan Co., Ltd.
  • CSR Report 2020

    * The PDF version is outside the scope of CUD verification.

Updated data
Pages on the booklet Items Data before receiving third-party verification Data after receiving third-party verification
P13-14, 27 Environmental Management Efficiency Achievement of FY2020.3 13.5 yen / 1,000 m³ 13.6 yen / 1,000 m³
P13-14, 28, 49 Contribution to reduction in CO2 emissions Achievement of FY2020.3 Total reduction of 3.34 million tons Total reduction of 3.32 million tons
P29 The avoided CO2 emission at customer sites Approx. 3.63 million tons Approx. 3.58 million tons
P31-32 GHG emissions 33.03 million tons-CO2 32.91 million tons-CO2
GHG emissions by organizations involved in our value chain 28.07 million tons 27.94 million tons
GHG emissions from material and fuel procurement 5,763 thousand t-CO2 5,693 thousand t-CO2
The procurement of energy sources, especially LNG, accounted for neary 90% of that amount. → over 80%
Energy consumption Electricity consumption (GWh) 461 462
Vehicle fuel consumption Gasoline (kl) 1,506 1,498
Diesel oil (kl) 778 776
GHG emission (Scope 3*1 Purchased goods (1,000 t-CO2 1,137 1,066
Total (1,000 t-CO2) 5,763 5,693
GHG emission (Scope 1, 2) Total (1,000 t-CO2) 4,962 4,963
GHG emission (Scope 3*2 Emission (1,000 t-CO2) 179 121
  • *1 Category 1-4 (purchased products, capital goods, fuel procurement, upstream transportation)
  • *2 Category 5-9, 12-14 (waste generated, business trips, commuting, leased assets, downstream distribution, end-of-life treatment of sold products, franchises)
Waste: Generated General waste (t) 1,068 1,066
Industrial waste (t) 133,671 133,728
Chamical substances: Amount of discharge NOx (t) 786 792
Xylene (t) 10.2 10.6
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Paintings shown on the cover were drawn by children attending a design and painting class sponsored by “Children Design Education,” a nonprofit organization.
Children Design Education has been established to support children who have to live separately from their parents for various reasons. The NPO provides them opportunities to produce paintings and design works repeatedly at a design and painting class, envisaging them to develop power to stand on their own in their infancy. Character designs created by the children through the class are sold to business corporations. Proceeds from the sales will be incorporated into a special fund set up to support the children's education in the future.

■Children’s drawings and stories
  • Children Design Education
  • Children Design Education

CSR Report 2020(English version)

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CSR Report 2020 [24.9MB]

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