Special Feature: Challenges for Daigas Group’s Future
-Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)-

Special Feature Challenges for Daigas Group’s Future

Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Since its founding, the Daigas Group has endeavored to provide useful products and services with the spirit of active involvement with our customers and society. We believe that the technical development capabilities we have cultivated while pursuing this “active involvement” form the basis of the competitive strength of the Daigas Group, and that research and development is one of the most important strategies for differentiating ourselves from other companies.

At the Daigas Group, we believe that we can also contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through various types of technical development we have promoted in areas such as the advanced use of natural gas and the utilization of renewable energy, in addition to research and development into new technologies that will enhance convenience for customers and contribute to energy-saving behavior, and the commercialization of these technologies. In this process, the Group conducts efficient and effective research and development leveraging partnership with other companies.

In this special feature, we introduce some of the technologies that are generating new value for the future based on innovation utilizing the technical capabilities the Group has cultivated over many years.

The Daigas Group is focusing on climate change issues while also contributing to industrial and urban development through sustainable energy creation.
  • Special Feature 1: Starting a Verification Project to Establish a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) Using a Residential Fuel Cell, “ENE-FARM”
  • Special Feature 2: Contributing to the Development of Methanation Technologies for Low-Carbonization and Decarbonization of City Gas Materials
  • Special Feature 3: Developing Radiative Cooling Materials that Enable Zero-Energy Cooling During the Day
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