Improving Occupational Health and Safety

Principle and Outline

Convinced that ensuring safety and maintaining/improving physical and mental health are fundamental to all its operations, the Daigas Group has stipulated in the “Daigas Group Code of Conduct” that efforts to promote health should be made in order to prevent industrial accidents, a key element in creating a workplace in which people can work with peace of mind.

In accordance with the Code of Conduct, we not only comply with relevant laws and ordinances but also have established our original rules, including the Daigas Group Safety & Health Promotion Regulations and the Safety & Health Management Regulations. In this way, the Group works with partner companies to lift the levels of workers’ safety and health.

Moreover, the Group has established the Daigas Group Safety and Health Council to discuss measures for and share information about industrial accident prevention and health maintenance and enhancement.

■Organization of Health and Safety Management at Osaka Gas
Organization of Health and Safety Management at Osaka Gas

Preventing Injury in the Workplace

Promoting safety and health management activities based on OSHMS

Osaka Gas has been systematically and meticulously undertaking activities aimed at preventing workplace accidents with establishing the "Osaka Gas Health and Safety Action Plan" based on the Occupational Safety and Health Management System (OSHMS), which was established by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare.

Based on the Plan, each organization of Osaka Gas is working on reducing the number of incidents leading to absence from work due to workplace accidents to zero. The Plan, consisting of three priority themes-prevention of transportation-related accidents, prevention of general work accidents, and prevention of accidents through collaboration with business partners-is designed to enhance the level of workplace safety by implementing improvement measures under the PCDA (plan-do-check-action) cycle.

Each Daigas Group company is working on establishing the PCDA cycle to improve safety and health-enhancement activities in accordance with each company's safety and health situation while maintaining the current safety and sanitary management system and in line with the Daigas Group's Basic Safety and Health-Improvement Plan (FY2018—FY2021).

■Health and Safety Action Plan
■Goals for FY2021
Goals Goals for FY2021
Accident causing absence (Osaka Gas, other party) 0
Accident causing no absence Osaka Gas Negligence 0
Other party 0

“Accident Indices” for evaluating safety activities

If an industrial accident occurs at Osaka Gas, the Company division concerned investigates and identifies the cause and takes measures to prevent a reoccurrence. The case is shared company-wide through a portal or other means, to ensure that similar accidents will not occur.

To assess safety activities at each workplace, we also use the “Accident Indices,” which uses a unique formula to calculate the degree of the accident in terms of seriousness and impact. The “Accident Indices” was created to establish a common, company-wide standard for labor accidents in all business segments, from gas processing and supply to sales.

Also, we honor organizations that meet their prescribed accident index targets to recognize their efforts as well as to raise awareness.

Daigas Group road safety efforts

  • The Daigas Group and its partners use a large fleet of vehicles in their work. We implement unique measures to ensure that all our vehicle operators master reliable driving skills and improve driving manners, so that everyone in the community can trust the Daigas Group's commitment to safe driving.

    The Safe Driving Training Center run by Osaka Gas offers safe driving education with a focus on practical training, and we are seeking to extend safe driving” practices throughout the Daigas Group to improve safety across the Group as a whole. In FY2020, a total of 4,315 employees from 41 companies, including Osaka Gas, took part in this safe driving program.

    The Osaka Gas intranet and email are used to share and disseminate information across the Group as a whole to reduce accidents. In FY2020, we took up bicycle accident prevention as a topic and gave education in cyclists’ risks and responsibilities and the proper way of riding a bicycle.

  • Class at an on-site driver training center

    Class at an on-site driver training center

Prevention of fall accidents

Fall accidents occur frequently nationwide, accounting for one-quarter of industrial accidents.

Osaka Gas strives to prevent fall accidents by introducing health-enhancement physical training to workplaces and giving laptop tote bags to employees.

Health-enhancement physical training

Older workers have come to constitute a larger portion of the entire working population at the Daigas Group, resulting in an increase in the number of accidents involving workers on duty, including stumbling. We have changed the conventional exercise program centered on stretching into health-enhancement physical training that strengthens muscles and the body trunk, including squats and standing on one leg.

The primary aim of the program is to prevent labor-related accidents involving older workers. However, it is also designed to make it easier for many other workers, including young workers, to participate, given the fact that the obesity rate remains at a high level among male workers.

From FY2019 on, at the time of health checkups, employees receive instruction about how to do the exercises properly so that they can keep up the routine of effective exercises.

  • Scene of squat exercises, part of a health-enhancement physical training program being conducted before the start of the day's workig

    Scene of squat exercises,
    part of a health-enhancement physical training program
    being conducted before the start of the day

  • Exercise instruction at time of health check

    Exercise instruction at time of health check

Introduction of laptop tote bags
  • In 2019, an employee slipped down the stairs with a laptop in his hands. A similar accident occurred in FY2018, too. To address this matter, we have been promoting company-wide measures to prevent similar accidents.

    To avoid a similar accident, you should not walk around the office (especially up and down the stairs) while holding an open laptop in your hands. So, we encourage employees to carry laptops and documents in bags to keep both hands open while walking.
    Moreover, to promote the habit above, we have given laptop-carrying bags to organizations that wanted them.

    We have also created a poster encouraging employees to keep both hands open while walking and displayed it at and every organization.

  • Introduction of laptop tote bags

    Introduction of laptop tote bags

    Enlightenment poster

    Enlightenment poster

Joint safety activities with partners

  • Osaka Gas works closely with affiliates and partners at the sites of gas business activities. In particular, we strive to boost the level of safety by working closely with our partners through a Health and Safety Promotion Council to exchange safety-related information and hold a range of training and safety activities.

    The Council, with 80 member companies, primarily in the manufacturing sector, promotes voluntary safety and health activities, with the goal of zero lost-time injury. As a key activity, the Council has designated a disaster prevention month in both the first half and second half of the year, during which we conduct safety patrols jointly with them. It also issues a Safety & Health Monthly Report that provides useful information for company efforts in preventing workplace accidents and promoting employee health.

    At piping works, we work with partner companies in organizing exercise sessions to enhance physical performance and prevent accidents involving older workers falling from, or tipping over, stepladders.

  • Safety & Health Monthly Report

    Safety & Health Monthly Report

Safety patrol with partner

Safety patrol with partner

Maintaining and Improving Health

Regular health checkups and health guidance

  • Osaka Gas holds regular health checkups as required by law and all employees expected to take them had planned checkups at Daigas Group Health Development Center. Checkup results are given to the person the same day, and follow-ups with an industrial physician provide individual advice on nutrition, exercise, rest, and other lifestyle habits. This promotes early detection and prevention of illnesses.

    Health checkups and health counseling are also offered to employees at Osaka Gas affiliates, and in FY2020 8,753 employees of 32 companies underwent health checkups.

  • Health checkup at Osaka Gas Group Health Development Center

    Health checkup at Osaka Gas Group Health Development Center

Promotion of measures to prevent lifestyle-related diseases

  • Employees aged 40 or older undergo medical examination for designated diseases. Special health guidance and advice will be provided by Osaka Gas and its Health Insurance Union to employees who have already contracted "metabolic syndrome" or are likely to develop the disease. The program is intended to prevent employees from developing lifestyle-related diseases while alleviating the severity of symptoms if they have already suffered from such disease.

    In FY2020, we took many opportunities to share health information with employees. In addition to the follow-up instruction we gave to individual employees at the time of health checkups, we produced a health enhancement promotion DVD to develop awareness of the importance of improving daily habits in many employees, including the young. The DVD shows key points of the health-enhancement physical training and oral care advice given by a dental hygienist. We played the DVD during waiting time for health checkups and also submitted articles to in-house newsletters.

    Furthermore, to enhance awareness among young employees of their risks of contracting lifestyle-related diseases in the future deriving from high blood pressure and excess blood glucose, Osaka Gas analyzes the results of their latest health checkups, based on which a health condition sheet to be distributed to each employee. In the sheet, each employee will be shown his/her probability of developing lifestyle-related diseases within seven years and a comparison with the average probability for all employees who underwent the checkup. The Company will use the results when it gives advice to young employees to help maintain and enhance their health.

    As these measures show, Osaka Gas is working on enhancing workers' consciousness toward health from the early life stage, with the aim of reducing their risks of contracting lifestyle-related diseases in the future.

  • Health condition sheet based on which advice will be given to young employees to help maintain and enhance their health

    Health condition sheet based on which advice will be given to young employees to help maintain and enhance their health

Playing the health enhancement promotion DVD

Playing the health enhancement promotion DVD

Promotion of measures to enhance mental health

  • The Daigas Group provides mental health training to newly appointed managers and supervisors, both of whom are charged with monitoring and observing the mental health condition of the employees working under them (“line care”). In FY2020, the Group held mental healthcare training centered on case studies 13 times for all managers, including those who had had training for newly appointed managers. A total of 447 people participated in the mental healthcare training, including those from affiliates.

    As for “self mental care”—mental care by workers themselves—all employees are interviewed about their mental health conditions during regular medical checkups. If excessive stress is suspected among workers in such interviews, necessary advice will be given to them. Such workers will be also recommended to see mental health doctors. These measures are part of Osaka Gas's efforts to detect mental disorders of its employees at an early stage and follow up on their problems continuously.

    In addition, the Company interviews employees in their second year of work, a category of workers most susceptible to work stress, to check if their work is too stressful. The interview is meant to find employees having trouble adjusting to their work at an early time and prevent them from contracting stress-related illness. If employees with high stress level are discovered, Osaka Gas will take appropriate measures jointly with the employees supervising them.

    Osaka Gas has conducted stress checks on employees, which became mandatory at companies under the law enforced in December 2015. In FY2020, we expanded the range of employees who received feedback on the results of group analysis of stress checks, adding organization heads to the range. This expansion has made it easier to work on work environment improvement on an organization-wide basis.

    To prevent illness deriving from excessive labor, doctors hired by Osaka Gas will conduct medical examinations on employees whose working hours have exceeded a certain level.

  • Interview with employees in their second year of work regarding stress

    Interview with employees in their second year of work regarding stress

Helping employees manage and maintain their health

Medical staff hired by the Daigas Group visit its business offices to provide health education to employees. This measure is designed to create a working environment that ensures workers' health and comfort, and encourages them to work on enhancing their health on their own.

We are providing employees with health management information via the Health Development Center website.

■Trainings by Occupational Safety and Health Staff (FY2020)
No. of trainings No. of participants Description
10 482 Measures to prevent heat stroke, Instruction in self-care and fall prevention

TOPIC: Osaka Gas Recognized as an Outstanding Organization for Health & Productivity Management (Three Consecutive Years)

  • In March 2020, Osaka Gas was certified as a “Health and Productivity Management ‘White 500’ Company for 2020” (large enterprise category) under the commendation system introduced by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Nippon Kenko Kaigi*1 to recognize companies for actively engaging in Kenkou Keiei*2 (employee health management). This is the third straight year Osaka Gas has been awarded this certification.

    The “White 500” award is intended to encourage business corporations to establish a work environment in which companies active in managing their employees' health from business and strategic viewpoints can be commended socially. The certification was given to us this year in recognition of our efforts to promote the creation of a pleasant work environment and actively conduct health enhancement activities, as stating “our policy of ensuring safety and health as the most important principle of the workplace” in the Daigas Group Code of Conduct.

  • Health and Productivity Management ‘White 500’ Company for 2020
  • *1 Nippon Kenko Kaigi
    The Nippon Kenko Kaigi is an organization that takes practical actions, based on collaboration among private organizations with full administrative support, to extend the healthy lifespans and provide appropriate medical care for all individuals in Japan, a country facing a rapidly aging society with fewer children. The organization aims to encourage workplaces and communities to achieve specific measures to overcome health-related challenges based on collaboration among private organizations, including economic associations, medical-care associations and insurers, as well as municipalities.
  • *2 Kenkou Keiei
    “Kenkou Keiei” is a registered trademark of Nonprofit Organization Kenkokeiei.
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